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    U.S. Army Maj. Rosemary Reed of the Khowst Provincial Reconstruction Team helps U.S. Army Sgt. 1st Class Paula Reill of the 3-19th Indiana Agricultural Developement Team with her head scarf before a women's shura held at Jaji Maidan in Khowst Province, Afghanistan, Thursday, Feb. 10. The shura was the first women's shura held with coalition forces. They discussed concerns and issues the women of Jaji Maiden faced in their daily lives.

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    1. bossyred 39 months ago | reply

      I think many Americans and people of the world, forget the entirety of what US forces do in Afganistan and Iraq - we have good hearts and intentions and are proving that daily.

    2. dorothylowry 39 months ago | reply

      Really sets off the Kevlar nicely! God bless these warriors! Be safe!

    3. mjpg115 39 months ago | reply

      Is this really necessary?

    4. flyingtexan1 39 months ago | reply

      Truely a sad day when our women soldiers have to conform to this crap. I'm sure the command structure had everything to do with this. Ladies please boycott these events if leadership requires you to wear muslim garb(age).

    5. flyingtexan1 39 months ago | reply

      Oh and one more thing. When the women of these repressed countries have had enough things will change, period. These people understand two things, strength and weakness. When you conform to sharia dress codes out of "respect" be sure of one thing, we understand this as being respectful of another countries customs, THEY look at it as pure weakness, period, so take it off and stand tall like proud AMERICANS.

    6. E3ARMY19D 39 months ago | reply

      Oh look a Texan, talking about things he can't comprehend. Guess what? THEY look at it as a sign of respect toward their culture and DO NOT take it as a sign of weakness.

    7. flyingtexan1 39 months ago | reply

      Really, I guess I'm dumb, being from Texas and all. Do some research then come back to class. Then go directly to San Fransisco, you'll fit in well there. We tollerated Maj. Hasan, look what that got us. Listen dummy, I know it feels good to be tollerant and all, and I'm sure in a few comments I'll be called a racist, however thats what they want you to do. Read the Kuran, conformation and assimilation by "infidels" is a sign of weakness, to muslims....now stop me E3 if I'm talking too fast for you....deceiving the non believers is their way, they laugh behind our backs at this touchy feely kind of stuff....someday grasshopper you will see the light....it is a sign of weakness to them....carry on.

    8. Carlin Felder 39 months ago | reply

      Amazing humanitarian work and outreach.

    9. red_arrow2 39 months ago | reply

      this is some sad shit

    10. Emerald City Native 39 months ago | reply

      Sigh. You would think that wearing a Kevlar and body armor would be modest enough...

    11. flickr4jazz 38 months ago | reply

      I thought that Congress said a few years ago that U.S. forces would not conform to the oppression of women by allowing non-muslim women to burden themselves with the wearing of a scarf.

    12. kmwolfe1 38 months ago | reply

      Its showing respect for the culture.
      When in Rome do as the Romans.
      I'm sure these women were not forced to wear the head scarf, they did it because they knew it would help with mission effectiveness.

      Oh, and Flyingtexan1 you're an idiot. Military members cannot "boycott" something. If they are told to do it, they have to follow orders.

    13. flickr4jazz 38 months ago | reply


      in 2001 the US Congress approved legislation that prohibited anyone in the military from requiring or encouraging servicewomen to put on abayas in Saudi Arabia or to use taxpayers' money to buy them. Following your sick, twisted "do as the Romans" logic, female U.S. service members should be allowed to be beaten by muslim clerics if they show too much skin or should be forced to have female circumcision if in Africa.

      I found an excellent article by a retired female Lt. Colonel opposed to the wearing of oppressive hair cover here:



    14. flickr4jazz 38 months ago | reply

      Flyingtexan1: Cheers! soldiers have an absolute obligation to disobey a direct order if it is illegal. These young women should be going to their Inspectors General and writing their congressional representatives and making sure that they don't have to wear a symbol of an oppressive anti-female faith that is not theirs!

    15. SGT.Cope 37 months ago | reply

      FlyingTexan1: Alright, Im an E4 in the US Army, I've served one 15 month tour in Khowst Province as a 68W, since Im sure you smart enough to know what all those technical terms are, I won't explain. Let's clear some stuff up here. No one is requiring us to wear anything, guys wear shemaghs and girls wear shura, if they want to, why is that? Because 1) They useful, for girls it keeps sand out of their hair and helps keelp them cool and not get swweaty, sticky hair. Army girls still want to be pretty. Its a sign of respect, I don't care what the qu'ran says. Because if you go by what it says, they should be attempting a uniform jihad, not thinking were stupid for wearing a headpiece, its not even a symbol for their religion, its just their clothes. And finally, the reason that some guys wear the shemaghs, its a screw you to the taliban, were walking around wearing their clothes, staying in their country, eating their food, setting up a new government. Thats why we wear it, not cause its an order, not to show superiority. None of that. How about YOU do some field research and just not talk crap about the people who are giving their lives for our country.

    16. flickr4jazz 37 months ago | reply

      Flying Texan. God bless YOU for your intellectual integrity. Something the so called "SGT Cope" obviously lacks. I notice that he has absolutely no photos posted on Flickr which raises a bit of a question. (It's quite possible this person's not even in the Army and only signed up with flickr to attack you).

      Secondly, he says that he's an "E4" and a "Sergeant!" Well, I did my time in the Army and there are NO sergents of this grade. He claims to be a 68W or combat medic, but I doubt it. I earned a combat medic badge in Iraq and I hope I never share the honor with this so called sergeant who can't present a logical argument and has to resort to a personal attack on you rather than present his argument backed up with logical facts.

      You presented your argument as an adult backed up with clear facts. As a former U.S. Army soldier, I thank you for that!

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