Security overwartch

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    U.S. Army Pfc. Donivan Dean maintains a security overwatch as Iraqi soldiers control traffic by the Schmit Bridge in Zaab, Iraq, Feb. 27, 2010. Iraqi soldiers routinely establish traffic checkpoints that are randomly located to maintain security in the area.

    U.S. Navy photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Matthew D. Leistikow

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    1. Tiom Zart 62 months ago | reply


      All through history man was born to struggle
      Surviving nature, disease, greed, and war.
      Since his conception he has remained the same
      Choosing to serve evil or good as before.

      Our boys and girls face the teeth of the dog
      In hot spots all over our earth.
      They leave their families and all they love
      To protect and preserve what liberty is worth.

      The foes they face are the mad dogs of man
      With a desire to kill, disfigure and enslave.
      They sing and dance to the death of others
      Teaching principles of hate till the grave.

      Support our troops who battle the horde
      While we live the good life back home.
      When you see a soldier show them your smile
      Say “hello we love you and you’re not alone.”


      Humans have always had their need for love
      Long before they could calculate the year.
      Painting on the walls of caves and tombs
      Stories of accomplishment, conquest and fear.

      Life is a constant contest of struggle
      Plagued by greed, love, war, work and debate.
      Between all we love; those we tolerate
      And some we can’t help but hate.

      I’d rather be loved and love in return
      Then have a rich man’s gold piled high.
      Id rather be loved by someone worthy
      With honor, compassion and no need to lie.

      I’d rather be loved then be crowned a king
      Of a vast empire of power and domain.
      I’d rather be loved and never forgotten
      Not alone, overwhelmed, and ashamed.

      I’d rather be loved for my unselfish behavior
      Eager to protect, provide and preserve.
      I’d rather be loved for staying resolute
      To my commitment to love and to serve.

      I’d rather be loved for my awareness of duty
      More then anything life can bestow me.
      I’d rather be loved and receive God’s grace
      As I lay down my life before Thee.

      By Soldier For The Lord
      Tom Zart
      Most Published Poet
      On The Web

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