P-51 fliers in World War II

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    Fliers of a P-51 Mustang Group of the 15th Army Air Force in Italy "shoot the breeze" during August of 1944 in the shadow of one of the Mustangs they fly. Photo credit: Office of War Information.

    Learn more about the heroic history of black Soldiers at www.army.mil/africanamericans/

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    1. EthanPDX 63 months ago | reply

      P-51 flown by Capt Andrew 'Jug' Turner of the 100th FS, 332nd Fighter Group

    2. Mike , yo [deleted] 63 months ago | reply

      Red tail or Red nose on their planes?

      Nothing like being forced to be the "example" of "your" people to bring out the best. Similar to the 100th Infantry Bn. Nisei soldiers.

    3. Tiom Zart 61 months ago | reply


      World War-I gave us the flyboys
      Who flew by the seat of their pants.
      Many would never return from war
      While others survived by chance.

      Their planes were mostly canvas and wood
      Gasoline, bullets, bombs and poison gas.
      Every pilot carried his own pistol
      Wearing leathers, scarf and goggles of glass.

      Aviators had no Parachutes
      To escape their burning plane.
      Many were forced to jump to their death
      Or self inflect a bullet to the brain.

      Blimps where known as battleships of the sky
      The roar of their engines gave reason for fear.
      They flew so high they were hard to shoot down
      Hiding above clouds till their targets drew near.

      Tracer bullets for the first time were used
      In the guns of airplanes to set blimps a fire.
      The skies became man's highway of death
      With duty and honor their driving desire.

      How many Flyboys have we lost since then
      Those days of the Great War and more?
      Where do we get such brave souls of chance
      Who rise from the rest in the battles of war?


      They serve to preserve our forefathers dreams,
      Prayers, visions and determination.
      Risking all in pursuit of fulfillment of duty
      To God, freedom, faith, honor and nation.

      Despite dismemberment, death and loneliness
      Patriots enlist to safeguard our flag.
      With honor, faith, purpose and courage
      They battle the sadistic that brag.

      Throughout man’s past as a creature of earth
      War has always plagued his expectance.
      Greed, hate, fear, envy and rage
      Have overruled rapture and repentance.

      David was a soldier who lived by his faith
      Which gave him the will to become brave.
      He stood up to terror and toppled the giant
      Leaving Goliath headless and alone in his grave.

      David’s call thrives in hearts of soldiers today
      Shielding liberty from the warmongers of hell.
      Facing down evil refusing to summit
      Ensuring freedom and justice are alive and well.

      By Soldier For The Lord
      Tom Zart
      Most Published Poet
      On The Web

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