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I dedicate today's 365 to my cousin, Jordan! It's his 19th birthday today! :D


About a minute after midnight, I sent him 19 Happy Birthday! texts and posted 19 Happy Birthday! comments on his facebook wall :D I love my cousin.


Jordan and I started to get close in high school. We were in marching band together for two years (he quit after his sophomore year so I had to suffer junior year all by myself before I quit) and we'd always go to my house after the 2 hour practice and have dinner and lay around in my room. Sophomore year we started hanging out a lot more and by the time junior year and senior year rolled around, we were basically inseparable. We've both gone through shitty breakups, bad times, good times, laughter and tears. I tell him almost everything and sometimes I don't even have to say a word and he'll know what's going on. Oh, and he's always had a very good radar about guys...he'd always warn me about certain boys that I dated by saying that he didn't like them. In the end, I always ended up hurt and he'd always be, "What did I tell you, Beca? I told you I didn't like him. You should've listened to me in the first place." So boys, ya'll better pass the Jordan test! That's the deal breaker ;)


So, happy birthday cousin. Thanks for being there when I needed you the most and for putting up with my whiny self. I love you! :)


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