Houston All Stars of Comedy - Vol. 7
Houston All Stars of Comedy – Vol. 7

The carefully chosen “Houston’s All Stars of Comedy” explode on the stage with a sharp, innovative, no holds barred brand of humor. Forget everything you thought you knew about stand-up! Our highly acclaimed comic powerhouses collaborating to bring you one seamless, side-splitting, brilliantly original performance that will have you rolling in the aisles and begging for more.

Comedy lovers, prepare to graduate to a new standard of excellence. Introducing, the series of “Houston’s All Stars of Comedy”. Setting the stage, brilliant comedians with H-town flair, a fresh perspective, raw talent, genuine passion and one powerful mission; to transform the comedy game! Vol. 7 features Cocoa Brown – from Tyler Perry’s “For Better or Worse” television series, Rich Williams, Ken Boyd, Wiley Edwards and Hosted by Terry Gross. Separately, they’ve revived comedy with distinct styles and creative humor; each performer packing a lifetime of real, hard core experience in every line they deliver. Together they elevate the art of comedy with an amazing display of clever, side splitting, physical, in-your-face hilarity served up with Southern class and laced with blazing urban flavor!
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