This boundary-blurring, community-involving, city-loving art event is slowly sauntering into existence once again!

On Saturday September 7th 2013 NEPO House is proud to present the third iteration of NEPO 5k DON'T RUN, a 5km art walk from the International District to Beacon Hill. The route will be packed with over 60 projects: visual art and sculptural installations, interactive artworks, poetry readings, video projections, sound installations, music and theatrical performances. Artists will install and perform along the ordinary city streets, in garages, a pagoda, meadows along a bike path, below a bridge and under a freeway overpass. Every aspect of this walk is a creative happening - a visual and symbolic experiment in creating a more enjoyable world through active participation.

SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 7th 2013, 12 - 8 PM

(423 Maynard Ave S, Seattle, WA - corner of Maynard Ave S and S King St)
ADMISSION $10. Children are free. Please bring cash.
There is no online pre-registration. We recommend taking Light Rail to the start.

ARTWALK (1:00 - 6:00 pm)

(1723 S Lander St, Seattle WA)
SPECS WIZARD and DJ ABLE (2:00 - 5:00 pm)
MUSIC by Pollens and Iska Dhaaf (6:00 - 8:00 pm)
Beer garden + refreshments opens at 2:00 pm.
Food trucks 4:00 pm.

Kate Clark and Alexandria Kewitt / Robert Hardgrave / Nathaniel Russell / Timothy Cross, Casey Keeler and Ephraim Russell / Taylor Pinton / Rumi Koshino / Sol Hashemi / Serrah Russell / Drew Miller / Nicki Sucec / Graham Downing / Carolyn Law / Erin Pike and Flatchestedmama / Paul Komada and Nicholas Nyland / MASSIVE MONKEES / Sarah Galvin, Riley Christiansen and Willie Fitzgerald / Kat Larson / Brandon Aleson and Jesse Montini-Vose / Virginia Wilcox / Vanessa DeWolf, Lydia Swartz and Christin Call / A K Mimi Allin / Chris Burnside / Francesca Lohmann / Rodrigo Valenzuela and Anastasia Hill / Jess Klein and D.K. Pan / GENDER TENDER (Syniva Whitney, Will Courtney and guests) / Adam Boehmer / Nat Evans / Julia Freeman and Ben von Wildenhaus / Julia Haack / Tara Atkinson and Justin Duffus / meadow starts with p / Erin Elyse Burns and Alwyn O'Brien / Erin Frost / Kathryn Rathke, Jake Nelson and Barry Wright / Magdalena Hill / Alan Petty and Dakota Gearhart / Pete Fleming / Max Kraushaar / Keeara Rhoades / JD Banke / Lindsey Apodaca and Tarrah / Saya Moriyasu / Hanita Schwartz / PDL / Ruth Marie Tomlinson / Aaron Asis and Keith MacLean / Estee Clifford and Molly Sides / Midwest (Sean Johnson and Jason Wood) / Eric E. Aguilar / New Animals / Ken Turner / Mario Lemafa / Carolina Silva / Glenn Herlihy and Seanjohn Walsh / Alice Gosti / Maggie Carson Romano / Joel Kvernmo / Devon Midori Hale / Jennifer Zwick / Ryan Fedyk / Jared Bender / Jason Hirata.

Registration by Vis-a-Vis Society. MC: Joey Veltkamp.

Finish line entertainment, featuring music by Pollens and Iska Dhaaf, slideshow by SLIDELUCK Seattle - micro 9.5, DJs, performances and more.

Posters, maps and signs by: Jonathan Horn, Derek Erdman, Olivia McCausland, Aidan Fitzgerald and Jake Muilenberg.
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