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RIP john hughes.


i had a dream last night that i had to play a show i didn't know about, and i couldn't play the guitar everyone else was using, so i decided all i could do on short notice was my rendition of kate bush's "this woman's work". i had borrowed jc's 2002 which was part white, part orange, and held together by scotch tape with some foam damage on the outside. that's right, foam, not metal. i guess his model was different than mine. i digress.


yesterday at work we were talking about parents taking their kids to see movies and i remembered seeing the breakfast club with my mom in 5th grade with my boyfriend sitting a couple of rows in front of us. i remember wanting to crawl under the seats. i'm sure she hated it. but my sisters and i knew it line by line.


i saw sixteen candles later, once we had acquired a VHS player. and at every chance i got. it's a staple, really. i probably quote it on a daily basis without even realizing it. but then, maybe i do. and everytime i have squeaky shoes and rattly purse, you know who i sound like.


what can i say about ferris? i'll never know anyone that cool.


and pretty in pink... well, that movie dominated my life for a while. i had the hair, the vintage accessories, the altered clothing, the music, and later, yes, even the car. (my sister had two of them.) just never had the duckie (despite attempts). of course i agree with the rest of the world that the ending should've stayed the original way, but he made up for that with the little drummer girl getting her boy and bling for her ears. did i mention my nickname in jr. high was molly? yah. pretty bad.


i'm rambling, but my point is that this guy managed to make a few movies that may mean nothing to most, but ended up being so much a part of my life, i can't imagine who i'd be without having them as a part of my adolescent diet. that's entertainment.

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Taken on August 6, 2009