Don Haughey at the Mill
RIP Don Haughey - Dec 16/10

Don Haughey is a living legend! Some 40 years ago, Don was very ill with several conditions when he encountered Ann Wigmore, who educated him about wheatgrass juice and raw living foods. Eventually, Ann asked Don to create a health institute in Michigan teaching her methods of cleansing, detoxing, nourishing and healing thro raw living foods and he did - The Creative Health Institute. Don purchased the old tavern in Hodunk, Michigan and turned it into the place of healing it still is today. For many years now, Don has lived across the street from the Institute in a beautiful mill that he renovated. It's always such a treat to walk around the lovely grounds and gardens, meet with Don, talk about life, health and spiritual matters, take a walk around the mill with its huge library, beautiful living area with wood stove, Don's floating bed made from a piece of mill equipment, going upstairs to the meeting area which has a floor to ceiling glass fireplace, an art gallery full of paintings of mills, and lastly to go up to the very top of the mill to the bell tower where Don always rings the huge bell 13 times, signifying his reverance for Christ and his 12 disciples.
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