1-Friendlyness & the Human Rights - bakkayaad stylee
a spring 2008 gatherin of family, friends, neighbours and fans in di bakkayaad studio to help raise di barn but in this case, actually, raise di music - raisin funds to continue recordin di beats, dubs, tunes, praises, chants, hails, wails, words, messages, love, unity and leadership that Friendlyness and the Human Rights have to share with di world...

we in T.Love (Toronto) are blessed to have these folks in di neighbourhood - I celebrate this magnificent gatherin of musicians and irie JahLove change agents....

The Human Rights Members

Friendlyness: Chant
Eric Woolston: Drums
Tyler Wagler: Bass
Isax: Sax and Keyboards
Bernie Pitters: Keyboards
Graham Campbell: Guitar
Brandon Valdivia: Percussion
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