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Getting ready for Shooting Videos with Sony HX9V, LCDVF 16.9 and Calumet hand grip | by soelin
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Getting ready for Shooting Videos with Sony HX9V, LCDVF 16.9 and Calumet hand grip

The image stabilization in HX9V for video is quite excellent to begin with. The autofocus/ focus tracking also works quite well.


However, slight and/or significant improvements can be made when using the HX9V as a video recording device by:


1. Adding a viewfinder; I picked the LCDVF 169 (~2.2x) optical viewfinder. Though the VF has no diopter, in this case, it really doesn't matter since manual focusing (critical focusing) could not be done with the camera. The LCDVF is a lightweight, good quality VF that snaps on (using magnet strip that goes around the camera's LCD) the HX9V LCD. The optical quality is excellent. The 2x magnification works well, and the results are comparable to what you could see through an electronic viewfinder, and easily better than the Panasonic EVF for GF1 camera.


The advantage is that unlike a small EVF, this LCDVF can improve stabilization since you are essentially stabilizing the camera through some pressure applied to the viewfinder.


If you shoot videos, without a doubt this is an accessory that would help not only further stabilizes the camera but also allows you to see the camera LCD in ANY lighting situation. LCDVF costs around 140 USD including tax (I bought it from B&H), which is more affordable than even the comparable, Zacuto Z-Finder JR.


The magnetic frame of LCDVF that sticks on to the camera's LCD, however does NOT perfectly fit as you may lose 1-2mm of viewing from the (top and botton) edges. It also recommends not using any screen protector, but I have one on and I am confident, the strip will stay on very strong.


2. Adding a simple hand grip; I got a cheap one from Calumet Photo for around 14USD. That adds a little more stabilization and make you feel like you're shooting old-school 8mm film camera.


The addition of these 2 accessories make video shooting (as well as shooting stills) a more enjoyable experience, at least for me.

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Taken on July 12, 2011