Active 20-30 Club Children's Shopping Spree 2012
On Saturday, August 4 hundreds of volunteers, and the members of Active 20-30 club of the Redwood Empire #1029, Active 20-30 Healdsburg #205, and Active 20-30 of Santa Rosa #50 woke up early to take 208 children back to school shopping, get them haircuts, school supplies and dental screenings.

Coddingtown stores including JC Penney, Old Navy and Icing opened up early for the Children's Shopping Spree 2012, and kids from non-profit organizations including SAY were able to get all of the clothes and supplies they needed to go back to school in style, with new clothes and backpacks filled with supplies. We want to thank all of the participating Active 20-30 clubs for creating such a special event, and Lytle's Redwood Empire Beauty College for offering free haircuts.
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