i Love what i do, i do what i Love
How important is it to LOVE WHAT YOU DO? Do you wake up BURSTING WITH JOY to see what the next project or task at work will bring (even when it's not an easy one)? What is the SECRET to being TRULY SATISFIED with what you do in life? Or maybe it DOESN'T even FEEL LIKE a JOB?

my major aim for this project is to inspire young people who are at the very early stages of making their decisions about which path of life to take, but i also hope that anyone else who is stuck in a job which they’re not satisfied with will find some answers in the stories shared and which hopefully will help to take the next step towards a positive change. A future of no or only a small amount of regrets is what I’m after. I would also like to encourage everyone to show unconditional support and fight the burden of misleading conditioning, pressures of money-oriented environment and high expectations from friends and family.
this is an ongoing project, so please do get in touch if you or someone you know would like to take part. the more love, the better.

*be the change you want to see in the world*
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