[ETB] POP Cabaret: Halloween Variety Show (F '11)
Faculty: Suzie Silver, Associate Professor of Art

Rotting Meat - Timothy Sherman
Worms - Julia Cahill, Ann Stone
Story of the Eye - Harrison Apple, Murphi Cook, Stephanie Ross
Untitled - Mitsuko Verdery
Medusa's Cooch - Cherie Ho, Chelsea Lupkin, Julie Mallis
Highway to Hell - Ann Stone

I Put A Spell On You - Murphi Cook
Robo-Burlesque - Julia Cahill, Ippei Mori, Mitsuko Verdery
Real Boy Body Snatcher - Hairyson Apple
Filet of a Young Man's Snake - Cherie Ho, Chelsea Lupkin, Julie Mallis
Someone To Watch Over Me - Stephanie Ross
Space Junk - Adelaide Agyemang, Timothy Sherman, Ann Stone
Jack The Ripper - Full Cast

Using the first floor theater at the Warhol as a playground and performance space, School of Art students have been creating short solo and group performances throughout the fall semester that will be featured in Friday’s show on Oct. 28, and at a closing Winter Holiday Show on Friday, Dec. 16. Themes and strategies on display include: Camp, Lo-Fi Glamour, Neo-Burlesque, Expanded Cinema of the Mind, Alien Vaudeville, Spectacles of Failure, Stand-Up Tragedy, New-Age Jesters, Cosmic Troubadours, Psychedelic Bards, Beautiful Noise, Imploding Vinyl Escapable and Exotic Masquerade.

Pop Cabaret: Performance Art at the Andy Warhol Museum, an advanced level electronic and time-based media course, is a first-time collaboration around a college course for the Warhol and Carnegie Mellon.
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