2011 Art Awards & Royul Wudding

Augusta Fisher Porter Freshman Award – Caroline Record

Emily Phyllis Howard Freshman Award – Jamie Walters

Joseph B Ellis Freshman Award – Michael Bennett

Wilfred Readio Freshman Award – Justin Lin


Emily Phyllis Howard Sophomore Award – Emily Wobb

Anne Ophelia Dowden Sophomore Award – Sarah Ceurvorst

Wilfred Readio Sophomore Award – Mitsuko Verdery

Samuel Rosenberg Sophomore Award – Laura Westover


Emily Phyllis Howard Junior Award – Julie Mallis

Wilfred Readio Junior Award – Megan Trott

Samuel Rosenberg Junior Award – Julia Cahill

Marjory Glassburn Francis Junior Award ($1200) – Anya Weitzman


Samuel Rosenberg Senior Awards
Michael Royce
Lizzee Solomon
Sibel Ergener
Meg Callen
Haydee Nuala

Marjory Glassburn Francis Senior Award ($1500) - Sara Schoenberger

INTERDISCIPLINARY AWARD - $5000 – Dan Wilcox (and Heather Knight, HCII)

C.G. DOUGLAS "WRONG WAY" CORRIGAN TRAVEL FELLOWSHIP - $1000 - Agnes Bolt and Nina Sarnelle


Across the ocean, some muddy blue-blooded reptilian royals are celebrating their holy moly matrimony. But here in the colonies they have forgotten our class! Lettuce begin, bacon our ritual, tomatoe of our romance something to remember:

You’ve lived among each other for at least a year, and with all good intentions we’ll make you more dear.

Oscar! High priestess, please grant us an audience!

Bejeweled guests, please form a line! Feel to free to snort, jostle and cry.

Together we bond you, forever and never, our couples of this tamponofmassobstruction

We begin with the youngest and work our way up, so that wisdom will lead us to the bfa cup.

1. Madame Nico Zevallos and Lowry Esquire Burgess, lost in space and time, their out of body kinship will eat its own tail until projected forward they form a meta performer of astronomical proportions.

2. In a post-earth venus, we’ve built a chapel for our pentagon of pentacostal ecstasy, wonderlust and intellectual fury: Lady AudraWist (in abstentia), Ann Water from the Stone, Julia Cahill Extraordinaire, Casey Jones Brander, and Melissa di umberto Ragona. This Quintuplet Female Forward Spiritual Bond that last longer than any other crown for a queen.

3. Let's crotchet together an adorned basket of holy holy halleledrewyah:
Michael “lupone/sontag” Royce and Pat Bellin Gellin Magelin.

4. We’ve known him to strut, in the sweater or nude, his voice is
distinctive, rambunctions and crude, Charles Berstein Ragona, Given away by Jessica Handler Jackson to his husband so eager, Zahra the pearl of the middle East Ahmed.

5. Cato the Younger and elyse carr we bequeath a marriage to be arranged later - the loveliest Teach Americas to be and possible student, age gap aside, we let them be.

6. Sarah Ceurvorst come claim your prize, date of manufacture on this machine of pure thought, and love machine maker Josiah Manino.

7. For the techbot cybering ring that no doubt lives below wean, we’ve
snuffed out the leaders of the circuit built Queen. Wafey Craig Fahner,
and Serveilance Kobbie Bolar bring new words to digital love.

8. Simron of Ccon, and Dana of lok, will release the tension of late fees and missing tripods.

9. She’s cabbage shes collard she’s cauli and Kale; he’s robots, he’s ginseng, and tricks never Fail. Julie ‘gaya” Mallis and RoboRichard Pell, join hands in the line, your difference,

10. John Armastead the lumberjack from Canada Hails, to make beds of the Octagon where love never fails. He’s building a home for his sweet heart to be, Terry Hirts and JohnArmastead build circles of glee.

11. Let them be stoned, or get stoned, or something together - Anne Queen of Stones and Suzie Silvester - may this trip be your best and certainly not last, let your UFO land with plenty of class.

Late entries we honor:
Zack Walnau and Cristina Lee
Vicky Yuh and Danny Walcox
Carten Warren and Clayton Merrel

And last but not least, all of y'all.

Turn to your partner, show your paper heart. Trade, swap and lick them till you’ve confused all your parts. I now announce you husbands and wives, forever and never. Kiss whoever you want, don't be jealous.

(To the tune of Dolly Parton's "I Will Always Love You")

To the miller come all! Out the great hall, front door only, double lines, grab your hitch and march in time!
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