Day 221: New Kittens!

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    Today, I remembered the puddy I met at the farm a few months ago. She was very nice, as far as cats go, and I decided to visit her again. So, I set off towards the farm.

    But when I got there, I was shocked to see a kitten rather than the cat! At first, I thought the cat had shrunk (maybe she had gotten wet and needed to visit the dreaded dryer?) but she said that I was thinking of her mother, who was sleeping at the moment, and introduced me to her siblings.

    They were much smaller than me--fuzzy little things so fresh-off-the-press that they hadn't even learned yet that they weren't supposed to get along with dogs like me!

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    1. -Snugg- 67 months ago | reply

      At first, they were a bit shy...

      Then they got a bid bolder, and we played some of my favorite game: hide-and seek.

      Before I knew it, it was like we'd always known eachother! It did hurt a bit when her claws went into my ear, though... I think I enjoyed the presence of the sleepy one a tad more, hehe.

    2. kawaigirl1 67 months ago | reply

      That is sooo cute Snugg :) I'm glad the kittens like playing with you.

    3. StudioG+H 67 months ago | reply

      I really like the series. Impossibly cute!

    4. anjainma 67 months ago | reply

      nothing cuter than kittens, is there?

    5. Enchanticals ~I'm Coming Back 67 months ago | reply

      This is really so cute and adorable. Kitties always look so surprised and confused. Gosh, I love them. Great series. Marsha

    6. Sherimander 67 months ago | reply

      Lovely new friends :)

    7. maggie_gem 67 months ago | reply

      Nice job getting those kitties to play, maybe they will be dog-friendly now that they've met you!

      Seen on my Flickr home page. (?)

    8. -toadee- 67 months ago | reply

      I really like the hide-and-seek one!!:)

    9. BarbaraCZ 67 months ago | reply

      Awww, I love these shots!!! So cute! You had fun with those kittens Snugg, didn't you? :)

    10. scoobiesnacks 67 months ago | reply

      That one with them looking at each other is an Explore candidate I reckon and deserves its own placement (second from bottom)

    11. postylem 67 months ago | reply

      the main photo is compositionally very strong. and the triplet below really tell a story. you caught just the right moment there in the hide-and-seek one.


      ...they are just so cute. oy! sorry, I can't help it.

    12. -Snugg- 67 months ago | reply

      thanks for your comments, everyone! I knew you'd enjoy seeing these cute little things. :)

    13. mudder_bbc 67 months ago | reply

      Wonderfully balanced shot!

    14. *asterie* 67 months ago | reply

      Aww, they are so cute. I especially love the composition of the second and last photos, and the warm lighting.

    15. p0psp0t 67 months ago | reply

      In that moment when Snugg is snagged by the kitten, (claw in the ear) he really demonstrates his tolerance and patience.
      Good lil pooch.

    16. musymas 67 months ago | reply

      You are invited to add this wonderful cat moment to
      Cat Moments ~ Invited Photos only
      Tickle Me!!
      Please tag "CatMoments"

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