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By the Fence | by snowpeak
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By the Fence

In the embrace of twilight, I low-crawled under the fence and arrived back at my truck. I ate half a Subway sandwich and spent some time considering where to go next. Valley of Dreams was a few miles away, offering a good selection of rocks for foreground material in Milky Way shots. To get there I would have to walk a few miles in the dark. Although I was familiar with the route, my recent experience where I fell near Yant Flat forced me to consider that walking around overland, alone in the dark, might not be the best idea.


There are some nice formations just on the west side of Ah-shi-sle-pah, and I could almost drive right up to them. It was also only a few miles away. I decided to go there. I am somewhat familiar with the interconnecting grid of dirt roads in the area, but in darkness it is easy to miss a turn. Fortunately, I had a track to follow on my gaia gps phone app.


Driving down the road in now-total darkness, I glanced over to check the app. The road was deserted and I was driving too fast. As my mind was focused on the screen, I saw something on the edge of my vision. I looked up and there in front of the truck was a huge black animal, which I was fast approaching. I slammed on the brakes and swerved to the left, barely missing it. It was a horse! Then I saw, in the darkness in front of me, dozens of horses walking down the road. They paid me no mind as I slowly navigated through them. It could have ended very badly right there.


I found the turnoff onto double track and drove a couple of miles to the end, got out of the truck, unpacked my equipment, and took the short walk south to a group of hoodoos on a low hill.


Tomorrow, Stars!


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Taken on June 8, 2019