day 2365: christmas eve sledding! and a narrowly averted trip to the emergency room. VIII.

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    odin surveys the run just moments before defying everyone's expectations and successfully making it to the bottom of the hill on his cross country skis ( definitely a hill more suitable for downhill skis but odin didn't care ).

    at the bottom of the hill he took off his skis and got ready to start back up the hill as some folks made the last run of the day in the toboggan. then, in just an instant, the toboggan went just a bit off course and odin, not knowing they are hard to steer, didn't move thinking that the toboggan was going to change direction.

    it was a heart stopper to watch him take a direct hit from the toboggan still going at a good clip and literally go head over heals and not get up. there was absolutely no doubt in my mind by the time i got to the bottom of the hill and found he was still not moving that we were in for a trip to the hospital emergency room. it turns out, he's a sturdy kid - while he had the wind knocked out of him and was a bit stunned and in pain, he didn't suffer any broken bones.

    i've heard many toboggan horror stories since the accident, some involving body casts and extended-stay hospital visits, so we're counting our lucky stars that odin just came away with a few tears, stiffness that would linger for a few days and a good story to tell his friends and cousins over the holidays.

    1. MarniMELT 93 months ago | reply

      He continues to be a boy with a certain amount of luck on his side.

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