BOUNCE'N DIVE: SnowFront's get-together in Summer 2012
SnowFront's get-together "BOUNCE'N DIVE" went smoothly on Sunday, August 12th 2012 on a jetty between Gstadt and Gollenshausen at Chiemsee. We had an awesome time, bounced on a trampoline and dived into the Chiemsee. Our thanks go to all our helpers, sponsors, members, buddies and visitors. We had as few visitors as we hoped (about 50), since we have our main visitors in the web. Special thanx go to for the music,
Hansn, BRob, Massakka, MJ, Gwack, Veit, Tiger, Melina, Jessi Dahlmann, Laura Schmidt, Flo Lex, Lucas Mayer, Johannes Baumann, Christoph Thalhauser, Daniel Kreisel, Daniel Dettelbacher, Daniel Schuhbeck, Nici Kötterl, Viktor Schelhas, Georg Kötterl, Family Brillert and who supported us with a lot of effort. Our sponsors, and supported us with a reasonable amount of products. Thanx for that! The participants ( Robin "BRob" Brillert, Georg "GWack" Wagner, Hannes "Hansn" Zenz, Max "Hartwin" Stein, Hubert "Hubsi" Zenz, Mario "Massakka" Kötterl, Melina Merkhoffer, Max "MGM" Meissner, Max "MJ" Kaffl, Severin "Sev" Wegener, Daniel "Tiger" Mösl und Sebastian Veit Heel) could not be discouraged by the cold breeze and showed their skills with spins and flips on the trampoline.
Lady of the day: Melina Merkhoffer
Man of the day: Mario Massakka Kötterl
Melina, Tiger and Veit accepted the longest journey with their beachcar and staged it in a great way for the filmcamera. The footage produced has been edited and uploaded to
The photos are on view on:
We are glad there were neither injuries, damages nor complains. We are looking forward to a fruitful cooperation with our partners.
Stay tuned for the next season!
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