RAW chicken sandwich served at McDonalds 3/2007

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    This was roughly my 3rd time ever going to a McDonalds... and my last. I ate some raw chicken before noticing and spitting it out in horror, I didn't expect good food, but I did expect cooked food. FYI, I did look at it before eating it, as raking the great blobs of mayo off took some effort. I can't even think of chicken now without feeling like I'm adrift on a choppy sea.

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    1. 1773★ 80 months ago | reply

      omg that is vile!

    2. skullflame666 79 months ago | reply

      Okay now that is disgusting, but i hope it won't stop you from coming to a mcdonalds, do remember its not all of them that one that you went to though i wouldnt go there my self that just shows the manager didn't temp the food like there saposed to but to let you know at my mcdonalds i won't allow that to ever happen who ever served that would be fired on the spot, i do apoligize for that happening to you and i hope that you have told that to the store manager so they could take care of it, not all mcdonalds are bad.. just most of them

    3. kymami_606 78 months ago | reply

      ok! ok! i ordered a mc rib at the mc donalds here in knoxville tn on10-06-08, still have it in my deep freezer raw as ever!!i ate part of this sandwich before noticing it omg!!pork!i went back that same moment to show them ,they did apologize but i ruined my day!claims called me today and im suppose to tell them what i want,not really sure ,but i know no one deserves this crap!!raw pork or chicken is dangerous!

    4. happyf4785 77 months ago | reply

      mein chd da munda haan.
      hun ghar de roti ta hai nahe thuade fucking newzealand vich
      thats why i love mcdonald.

    5. happyf4785 77 months ago | reply

      mein chd da munda haan.
      hun ghar de roti ta hai nahe thuade gandu newzealand vich
      thats why i love mcdonald.

    6. logtec. 75 months ago | reply

      wow, i can't believe that mcdonalds actually leaves the cooking of "raw chicken" (or food at that) in the "caring" hands of those pimply-faced-brats... you mean they don't just have to throw it in a microwave?!?

    7. : * ( 75 months ago | reply

      these clowns have 1 guy handling orders and cooking breakfast. I've eaten regular items and still get sick.

    8. logtec. 75 months ago | reply

      i gave up fast food 2 years ago and ended up losing 30lbs. (i am just as active as i was)

    9. Nerboo [deleted] 75 months ago | reply

      The same exact thing happened to me today!

      Seen in your McDonalds Horror -- premium raw chicken in Windsor, CT set. (?)

    10. Miss History 75 months ago | reply

      my god! I've eaten at McDonald's all my life and the worst I've had is those little hard bits in the burger!

    11. DREAMLAND PHOTOGRAPHY SA 71 months ago | reply

      Thats SUPER SIZE nasty!!!

    12. brooklyn_lou 71 months ago | reply

      It is gross on 4/27/2009 I ordered from a McDonalds in Oklahoma going to Kansas on I-35, I got a McChicken and continued on to Kansas. I had eaten over half of the McChicken when I felt something that was not right. I had not noticed it earlier I guess because I was eating fries with it. I spit a piece out and it was completely raw chicken meat. I got so mad, I was now on the turnpike and could not turn back, so I stopped at the next McDonalds I came to. I showed the chicken to the manager there and she said ,Oh my god where did you get that? I told her and she gave me the corp. number.

      I called them and told them where I recieved the food. They had the owner call me back and he said he was sorry it happened and would send me a we are sorry letter and would contact his insurence company. I have not heard anything else and did not recieve a letter. I have had a upset stomach cramps and loose bowls for three days. i am going to get checked out. I dont know if anything could be done. I do have the rest of the Chicken in the freezer in case .

    13. Kawaii Cosmetics [deleted] 66 months ago | reply

      This is wrong on so many levels! Sorry you had to take a bite of it!! F mcdonalds!

    14. trnscs66 65 months ago | reply

      This makes me want to gag just looking at it! Seriously, this disturbs me more than the hi.jpg's.

    15. leanderr 60 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Calorie Bombs, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    16. iSMASHpotatoes 50 months ago | reply

      Nasty nasty nasty!!! Like FlippyO said that is the rawest of raw!!

    17. emjarlia 50 months ago | reply

      wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww sorry but never had this happen i like the feel of raw chicken but eating it ewww and plus the problem with getting sick mcdonalds food..isnt really food at all..

    18. BenM135 41 months ago | reply

      Did the company ever apologize?

    19. totooo3 34 months ago | reply

      BLaaaaaahhhhhhhh :((

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