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Yardwork at the Mary Pickford Bungalow

Mary Pickford War Funds bungalow

Opened 26 May 1943

East York, Ontario


The Mary Pickford House was an East York "War Funds" project. The bungalow, valued at $15,000, was built in 1943 at 90 Glenwood Crescent. Tickets were sold at $1.00 throughout the city to raise funds for war charities.


Mary Pickford, the popular film star, was born in Toronto and helped develop plans for the project. She contributed the funds from the sale of her Toronto property to finance the bungalow.


Proceeds from the ticket sales were designated to the Lions British Child War Victims' Fund, the Evening Telegram British War Victims' Fund and the Malta Relief Fund Society of Toronto.


Canadian General Electric Company equipped the bungalow with the newest electrical appliances, including an electric stove, refrigerator, washer, coffee maker, toaster, iron, three radios, two telechron clocks, and a vacuum cleaner.


Mary Pickford's appearance at the official opening of the home on May 26, 1943 ensured great publicity for the project.


Taken from the Virtual Museum Canada:



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