Shoppingtown Mall - DeWitt(Syracuse), NY
Opened in 1954 as an open air shopping center with JCPenney, Woolworth's, WT Grants, and Addis & Deys, the property later received a theater and another anchor, E.W. Edwards of Syracuse.

The mall was bought by Eagan Development and was enclosed in the 1970's. E.W. Edward's closed and was replaced by JCPenney around this time. The old theater was also demolished and replaced with a new standalone theater. Chappell's added on in the 80's.

1991 brought an expansion/renovation to the mall after the property was bought by Rochester based Wilmorite. A new wing with a food court was built in the northeast corner of the property, skylights and a new floor was installed throughout, and Addis & Dey's relocated to the new anchor space in the expansion. The old store was partially filled by TJ Maxx for awhile, before becoming Sears after they had moved from nearby Fayetteville Mall. A new movie theater opened on part of the mall's lower level, and the old theater was demolished. 1995 brought the closure of Chappell's, and The Bon-Ton took their space. Woolworth's closed around this time as well and was replaced with Media Play. Dick's Sporting Goods built onto the mall in the late 90's.

The 2000's have brought some decline in the mall's fortunes. Bon-Ton left in 2006, and their space has been engulfed by an expanded theater. A 2008 plan by new owners Macerich, to demolish the Sears wing for a lifestyle section was thwarted by the recession, and the empty spaces have recently been filled by local organizations, such as karate schools, learning centers, gymnastics, etc. Macerich dumped the mall back in 2011 instead of paying their property assessment, and the mall has gone through a few different owners before being purchased by Moonbeam Capital Investments in 2014. Like previous owners, they plan to make the Sears wing into a lifestyle section and bring other mixed use development to the property. In the meantime, stores continue to vacate the mall. Macy's shuttered in March 2015, JCPenney and Dick's followed in 2016.
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