Hudson Valley Mall - Kingston, NY
This mall was opened in 1981 by the Pyramid Company. Original anchors were Hess's(became Filene's, and is now Macy's), JCPenney, and Kmart(became split between Dick's Sporting Goods and Best Buy). A 1989 addition saw Sears, a food court, and a handful of smaller stores come to the mall. The theater was expanded from 6 to 12 screens in 1997, and in 2001 Target built on to the north end of the property. A mall shooting took place here in 2005, and another incident took place at the Ground Round restaurant in 2006, where the night manager was fatally stabbed. Usually malls that are plagued with crime tend to fall under the perception of being unsafe, but this mall has managed to rebound. The property was sold to CBL & Associates in 2010.

Lately due to lack of rejuvenation of the property and general economic instability, the mall has started to lose tenants. Anchor JCPenney left in 2015, and Macy's is due to close April 2016. The mall fell into foreclosure in 2016, and was purchased by Hull Property Group in 2017.
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