Serenade to a Poodle

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    I rarely draw from a live model, and when I do, this is the outcome,, and I wonder why no one else asks me to draw there portrait...I did this one while gallery sitting at Nexus Gallery in Philly, back in 1994

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    1. Irene Tejaroxy Hoss (Kittenclaw) ages ago | reply

      Ahahaha! You wrote "and I wonder why no one else asks me to draw their portrait..."

      I like this, it's intense, but I can see why no one would ask you to draw their portrait...

    2. Miss Plum ages ago | reply

      sort of a combination of gollum and the grinch. the title really makes it.

    3. Irene Tejaroxy Hoss (Kittenclaw) ages ago | reply

      Yeah, I thought of the Grinch too.

    4. moriza ages ago | reply

      But, this is the kind of portrait of my self that I would like to see. Snailbooty, I would like a portrait please...

    5. formica [deleted] ages ago | reply

      i wish the artists doing portraits on street corners would do portraits ilke this!

    6. Betetsey [deleted] ages ago | reply

      It's a very good portrait!

    7. anniebee ages ago | reply

      I agree with miss plum, very gollum-esque! He also reminds me of "puddleglum" from "the silver chair".

    8. snailbooty ages ago | reply

      thanks everybooty!..I guess I should have drawn a little bow on this "guys" head because its actually a women... I find this drawing to be so bad that its kind of funny...

    9. Little Baby Zorak ages ago | reply

      She needs some of that Rogaine for women.

    10. pooair ages ago | reply

      Her eyes look like Gollum's!

    11. anniebee ages ago | reply

      well no wonder she looks so traumatized, poor thing's losing her hair!

    12. Camilla Engman ages ago | reply

      I'd love to have a portrait of myself done by you, in this way.

    13. Duck Parade Comics [deleted] ages ago | reply

      Always go with your instincts. Conventional portraits are often boring and artificial; this is interesting.

    14. brancusi7 ages ago | reply

      More real than depiction, and a knockout title, again.

    15. Snaggs ages ago | reply

      If I saw this person on the street, I'd start booking in the opposite direction!

    16. anniebee ages ago | reply

      This is one of my "favorites" and I want you to know that every time I look through them and see this image it still makes me smile.

    17. Floating Lantern ages ago | reply

      Exceedingly funny, but intense and delicate too.
      Did you really try hard with this? That would make it even funnier... ;)

    18. soykes 104 months ago | reply

      Smeagol not likes it! Master Snailbooty paints Smeagol wearing tank top, but Smeagol not wears tank top!

    19. sMacshot-on semi hiatus 96 months ago | reply

      Your caption is hilarious. Your work is wonderful!

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