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    1. snailbooty 57 months ago | reply

      thanks y'all!

    2. Richard Cody 57 months ago | reply

      He came to me with bitter stars in his eyes

    3. moggierocket 57 months ago | reply

      A sort of maggotface.

    4. *CoMa* [deleted] 57 months ago | reply


    5. carlosr888 57 months ago | reply

      It's 2:37 am on a humid, and quiet night. You had a few drinks last night so you're a little thirsty. You get up, drink a glass and start making your way back to your bedroom. You get back in bed and start to get comfortable, but you hear something out of the ordinary...is that someone breathing? Your pulse starts to race, and you start to remember the news about that serial strangler that they haven't apprehended. TAP...what was that? Maybe it's a June Bug attracted to the light by the window. TAP...TAP...you're scared, but you're going to check it out. As you inch closer to the window your forehead begins to bead, your stomach begins to turn and your adrenaline is running like never before. Closer...Closer...TAP...Closer. You hold your breath as you get ready to pull the curtain aside. 1...2...3!!! Nothing...You were right it WAS a June Bug. Relieved you let the curtain drop, let out a big sigh and think "OK, back to bed." Then a sound..."HUUUUGGHHHSSH." Your stomach sinks, you turn around and Wormwode is standing in the shadows of your bathroom door.

    6. Polkip 57 months ago | reply

      this is very creepy, love it :)

    7. Ralpheyesee 57 months ago | reply

      Fantastic-ly nightmarish!!

    8. Gina - C 57 months ago | reply

      Sweet buttery Jesus O_O

    9. bunchadogs & susan 57 months ago | reply

      tells a good story to your wormwode.
      I mean, I wouldn't want to run into him at 2:37 am in my bathroom or a dark alley.
      Seen in the group"inner eYe (P1/C1) " (?)

    10. w rollins 57 months ago | reply

      this is good!

    11. snailbooty 57 months ago | reply

      much thanks everyone!

      thats quite a tale facecrunch, i'm never going to sleep ever again!

    12. <Dieter> 57 months ago | reply

      Like it, it's like those mexican wrestlers!

    13. Safe to Believe 57 months ago | reply

      Looks like my last x-ray I received from my doc. Boy am I handsome....hee hee. These are really good!

    14. ahpook12 56 months ago | reply

      it's perfect!!!

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