Linda Vaughn Miss Hurst Golden Shifter

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    The legendary Linda Vaughn takes a ride prior to the start of a race at Road Atlanta in 1971. She is a legend to all who enjoyed racing in the mid-60's to the early 1980's. Linda was a trophy queen for just about every type of automotive competition including SCCA, NASCAR, Indy, Formula One, etc. Her title was Miss Hurst Golden Shifter and with those voluptuous curves she was a fantasy for many a racer and race fan. Linda wasn't just a pretty face because she did some car racing after getting her SCCA competition license after completing the driving course offered at the Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving. One note about this photo: Do you think race promoters today would let a young lady ride on the back of a car like Linda is doing in this 1971 photo? I think not.

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    1. Mike Rogers - Driven Imagery 63 months ago | reply

      They did have a certain way with visual imagery back then, didn't they?

    2. David Cucalón 63 months ago | reply

      Very interesting.

    3. Nigel Smuckatelli 63 months ago | reply

      Now Mike...I wasn't going to mention that, but you are very, very right.

    4. Doonwalker 63 months ago | reply

      Where DO you find this stuff? :-)

      Of course she's been accused of "setting women back" over the years as well. But most of those are ugly.

    5. matt troy 63 months ago | reply

      @ 12 years old reading Hot Rod and Car Craft
      she was hot

    6. Si 558 63 months ago | reply

      Health and Safety might have something to say about it...

    7. mlangsam2004 63 months ago | reply

      You don't see this everyday!

    8. Richard Wintle 63 months ago | reply

      I'm not sure the driver's sideburns would be legal today either.

    9. Nigel Smuckatelli 63 months ago | reply

      Point taken Richard. But, I can't complain because I grew them like that many a year ago. However, for the gals, not only mini-skirts were in but also micro-minis. Great fun when you live in a college town.

    10. Hugo90 62 months ago | reply

      Linda Vaughn and Hurst

      I took this picture at the '72 75th Anniversary Party for Oldsmobile. Sorry, I was just learning darkroom.

    11. ddeja001 61 months ago | reply

      Like Nigel said, Size DOES matter.

    12. lexington18 59 months ago | reply

      Thanks Nigel. I was hoping you had Linda Vaughn photos somewhere and you do!!

    13. " Artisan's Photography " by Roy McBride 28 months ago | reply

      Fabulous picture guys. What a gorgeous lady and still a knock out. Thanks.

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