Historic Mexico: Photographs and Images
This set contains samples from the "SMU CUL Digital Collections" digital collection from Southern Methodist University's Central University Libraries (CUL).

CUL's DeGolyer Library holds a preeminent collection of historic photographs, manuscripts, and imprints from New Spain and Mexico. These items portray a changing landscape and population over five centuries.

The DeGolyer Library is especially rich in Mexican photography. With more than 120 Mexican accessions, mostly from the period ca. 1870-1930, DeGolyer has one of the most comprehensive collections in the country totaling more than 8,500 photographs and 2,000 negatives.

A country of great beauty and geographical diversity, Mexico has attracted a variety of local photographers and those from abroad. More than 30 photographers working in Mexico are represented at the DeGolyer, among them: Lorenzo Becerril, Abel Briquet, Hugo Brehme, Percy S. Cox, Eugenio B. Downing, Walter H. Horne, William Henry Jackson, Manuel Ramos, Homer Scott, Charles B. Waite and Mayo & Weed.

The photographs are cataloged in 125 individual collections that portray Mexican people from all walks of life, culture, and history in the latter half of the 19th century and the first quarter of the 20th century. Subjects include landscapes, native peoples, railroads, mining, agriculture, tourist views, the Mexican Revolution, and more.

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