• is this a hunk of peanut butter???!! - shutterbean
  • That would be a peanut butter chip. You see, this cookie has the to-die-for trifecta: bits of peanuts, peanut butter, and peanut butter chips.

must we go over this again?

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Billy's Bakery. Peanut butter chocolate chip cookie. I ate my half then photographed Alex's. So good, it's not fair I only allot one every so often.

Much Belated Update: I did indeed triumph over these cookies some time late. Now you can make your own.

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  1. Liz is Working 105 months ago | reply

    God, I always end up on your photos when I'm the hungriest! YUM!

  2. shutterbean 105 months ago | reply

    the sugary top looks soooo delish.

  3. sassyradish 105 months ago | reply

    i think that pb & chocolate chip cookies are the perfect cookies ever. i could eat them everyday! but that would be a bad thing for my jeans ;-)

  4. David Lebovitz 105 months ago | reply

    Deb: I thought that you subscribed to my theory that if you cut the cookie in half, and eat the second half a few minutes later, it's not as caloric as eating a whole cookie all at once.

  5. smitten kitchen 105 months ago | reply

    Liz -- I'm intentionally cruel, aren't I?

    Shutter -- It's great, but it's a little haphzard, like they're supposed to roll it in fine sugar but they got busy and just plopped it on. It doesn't really bake in. I totally forgive it.

    Sassy -- I forgot to tell you: it's RIGHT across the street from Bombay Talkie. I'm sorry. I should not have withheld this information.

    Dave -- Oh, but I do. But I try to treat the guy who washes my dishes better than that.

  6. sassyradish 104 months ago | reply

    haha, no worries, we saw it and i've been a longtime patron of it for so long - but given how i've been eating dessert like i'm making up for 28 years of no dessert, i thought that perhaps, for the sake of my work pants, i should um, abstain from the cookies, the cakes and other yummies in there. it was hard, i will admit. btw, bombay talkie was delicious - i'm taking the boyfriend back there as soon as we can!! I loved the food!

  7. Fingers In The Frosting 101 months ago | reply

    OMG that looks amazong! I would do..wow..I'd do a lot of things for the recipe! haha

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