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    My son -- who refuses to eat hamburgers, macaroni-and-cheese and blueberry pancakes -- gleefully tearing into a Black Truffle Foie Gras and Parmesan savory Black and White Cookie from Eleven Madison Park. Oh noes.

    1. marianthipop 20 months ago | reply

      Amazing. I'm in awe.

    2. SurprisingWoman 20 months ago | reply

      When my granddaughter was his age she wouldn't eat PB&J when she was at my house. I had no idea she was such a foodie. I ended up feeding her left over cedar planked salmon, rice pilaf and brussels sprouts. She cleaned her plate.

      They get over it, which is kind of a shame.

    3. Meredithla 20 months ago | reply

      Do you think Per Se will do a kid's birthday party? ; )

    4. The Puddles of Blue Lake 20 months ago | reply

      My oldest wouldn't eat anything with *melted cheese* for the longest time (though he will now, at 12). His favorites? Steamed mussels, fried calamari, a good steak, or sushi.

    5. Short and Sweets 20 months ago | reply

      I also refuse to eat blueberry pancakes, and I turned out ok. I see very expensive food bills in his future!

    6. hemoglobinhummingbird 20 months ago | reply

      Love it! Toddlers are the best. Mine won't eat tomatoes but loves capers. Also, she hates pockets so much that some of her clothes can only be worn backwards, so she doesn't have the pockets even in her field of vision.

    7. LittleOliveBranch 20 months ago | reply

      haha, such a new york kid with those taste preferences

    8. NiluJ 20 months ago | reply

      It's both a good and bad thing. I gave my son, 2 at the time, a sandwich and he said, "Mommy, I want real food." Sometimes I want the quick and easy path, but seeing him dig into the eggplant salad toast recipe of yours today was pretty cool too.

    9. dixonm1 20 months ago | reply

      When my daughter was little she would ask for her steak "bwoody", it would freak the waitstaff out. My kids also love sushi..for breakfast. It's realy a pretty healthy breakfast if you think about it..(and hey 127 million people can't be wrong, right?)

    10. grannygigi 20 months ago | reply

      That boy is so beautiful he should have and exotic food his little heart desires! LOL He just gets more huggable every picture I see of him!!!

    11. roomagoo1 19 months ago | reply

      haha- that's great! My 3 yr old daughter won't eat any cheese, unless its parmesan- she loves chunks of it. And wont touch sandwiches of any kind.

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