tiny cookie date

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    (No really, the cookies are TINY.) The playground was exhausting that day.

    1. smitten 23 months ago | reply

      Patisserie Claude. One of the best croissants in the city. Nobody comes for the cookies but I love that they have ones sized for teeny hands.

    2. TheSophisticatedGourmet 23 months ago | reply

      Well, I think I'll have to make a stop there sometime this weekend! :) Anything for a good croissant and some cute cookies to share with my little cousins.

    3. sassyradish 23 months ago | reply

      Ok, so I was there recently and had a terrible croissant. :( Did I just get unlucky? The one place that has not failed me a single time was La Bergamote in Chelsea, close to where you used to live. I need to go back to Claude and try the croissants again.

    4. sassyradish 23 months ago | reply

      Actually, I also would like to add Petrossian to the place of incredible croissants.

    5. TheSophisticatedGourmet 23 months ago | reply

      Olga, was just going to say that the best croissants I've had in NYC are from Pestrossian on 7th! :) François Payard also has some darn good one's, too. Haven't tried La Bergamonte, but I think this calls for dedicating a day to search for NYC's best croissants.

    6. TheSophisticatedGourmet 23 months ago | reply

      Oh, and if you're willing to go into Queens, La Boulangerie in Forest Hills (I always make a point of going there whenever I visit my uncle, who oh-so-conveniently lives a couple blocks away). All of their pastries (esp. croissants) and breads (oh, the baguettes!!) are lovely. Some of the folks that work behind the counter are--for a lack of a better term--idiots, but it's always fun to see the bakers laminating dough and pushing large trays of buttery deliciousness into the ovens while you're eating.

    7. smitten 23 months ago | reply

      When I lived a whopping block from Bergamonte, I liked their stuff very much (especially the pain perdu with almonds) but found the croissants flat and greasy. Flat, greasy, and delicious but really not my taste, texture-wise. Claude hasn't quite recovered from Claude retiring a few years ago. The new guy is good, but not consistently perfect as was the place's namesake. I haven't tried Petrossian -- are they actually made in-house? And I haven't cared for a single pastry I've had from Payard. I know, I am dead inside.

      I would love Shuna to jump into this conversation. I bet she knows where you can get a perfect croissant specimen in NYC.

    8. Cleo and Charlie 23 months ago | reply

      Almondine Bakery in Dumbo. The best ever....

    9. AmyBossard 23 months ago | reply

      I lived in Chelsea when Bergamonte opened and my Saturday treat from them was the almond puff pastry thing (not a croissant but something similar) and a cafe au lait. Started my work day on a very happy note.

    10. Elena Volkova2011 23 months ago | reply

      I agree. I think Petrossian has the best croissants. Their almond croissants are the only almond croissants worth eating.

    11. sassyradish 23 months ago | reply

      Deb - to be honest, la bergamote and i have a pain au chocolat for our memories. It was my 2 hrs of spin, then pain au chocolat and coffee tradition on the weekend (to undo the good i did right before - equilibrium, you know)... i actually don't know about Petrossian making them in house, but would think the answer is yes, because they have a separate cafe/patisserie. I'll try Claude again. I've never liked a single thing from Payard either, you're not alone. Also, last few times I've had croissants at Balthazar - disappointed! Almondine is good but not consistently so. when they're good - they're amazing, but nothing can ruin my day like a terrible croissant. i know, first world problems.

    12. smitten 23 months ago | reply

      Ha! I want to go to Petrossian. Perhaps this weekend. I will report back!

    13. sassyradish 23 months ago | reply

      Let us know if you go and what you think!

    14. angeladudek 23 months ago | reply

      i like the almond croissant at payard

    15. Geeksaregoodfun 23 months ago | reply

      Croissants at Payard are very good, as are those at MilleFeuille on LaGuardia place and Dominique Ansel in Soho.

    16. free2live4you 23 months ago | reply

      Wow!! Nary a comment about the cutie in the picture, his haircut, how well red suits him,
      and that knowing look that comes from biting into something YUM!

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