more hairs cut!

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    Sometimes I share pictures of Jacob's haircuts just so you guys can yell at me. :)

    1. Jennifer Weishaar 23 months ago | reply

      Alright, I'll be the first: STOP CUTTING THE HAIRS!!!

    2. PanyaV 23 months ago | reply

      He gets his hair done in the middle of a toy store??

    3. abuzard1 23 months ago | reply

      Short hair or long, those dimples are adorable!

    4. Tipping Point Photo//Liz 23 months ago | reply

      You do understand that he will rebel against these haircuts one day in high school and decide to grow it out, right? :o)

    5. smitten 23 months ago | reply

      I love it longer and shaggy. The problem is that he has the thickest hair of any human being, ever, and he was so hot and sweaty all the time, I felt bad for the boo. They thinned his hair too. A MOUNTAIN of hair was at his feet and still, his head is shaggy and thick a week later.

    6. planejayne72 23 months ago | reply

      He is just too cute!

    7. Fruganzee 23 months ago | reply

      How many hair cuts has this kid had? 25? 30? I love the look of deep resignation on his face. For my money, that last one is pretty fantastic- neck chub, edible nose and chin, dimple in the cheek. He looks pretty pleased with the results.

    8. Katie Westwick 23 months ago | reply

      he looks so dashing and dapper!

    9. notalibrarian 23 months ago | reply

      I understand your dilemma. My son has so much hair, he is getting his summer haircut after he gets out of school today. His hair is gorgeous but it makes him so hot!

    10. puzzlemaster 23 months ago | reply

      When will we see Jacob's hair for sale on eBay? You know it would go like hotcakes!

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