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    Oh man, I hope you're sitting down. I have a photo of Jacob in the same (grubby) shirt later in the day and he has MUCH LESS HAIR. MUCH. After taking him for two haircuts in a month (because it was in his eyes, which understandably annoys him) I told them to go a little shorter.

    And now he looks like a real little boy. Not a baby. Nooooooo.

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    1. shutterbean 25 months ago | reply

      of course it will!

    2. Luisa Weiss [deleted] 25 months ago | reply

      Curls, schmurls. I just want to gnaw (nibble? chew?) on those cheeks!

    3. margaritarosa 25 months ago | reply

      Don't worry-- if it was curly before--it'll be curly again and toddler's hair grows super fast-- I'm still trying to wrestle my toddler into a haircut since it's in his eyes too (though mine mysteriously never had curly hair and both his parent's have curly hair-- I can only say his grows soooooooo fast)

    4. wwcutie 25 months ago | reply

      I appreciate that you told us about it before showing us.

    5. dimplescfw 25 months ago | reply

      Noooooo! Oh, so sad. J's curls never really grew back the same. But they were never as luscious as Jacob's. I'm sure they'll be back in no time! I hope you kept one as a keepsake.

    6. hookslarsoncindy 25 months ago | reply

      sweets, the only thing to do is have more, but of course we all know that is nuts.

    7. marciabilyk 25 months ago | reply

      one of the cutest kids on the planet!

    8. cwb829 25 months ago | reply

      My almost 5 year olds have tighter curls than Jacob's. We keep it pretty short, but it still starts to go crazy when it gets a little long. It will grow back. Please post the new picture!

    9. rhondaaeh 25 months ago | reply

      Yes it will, after my 14 year old got a haircut that went way shorter than we told her to go, my son's sad eyes nearly made my cry in public. But it's now back to full glory past his shoulders. Yes he's 14. The cut made him look 20 and everyone loved it but us.

    10. phoenix1570 25 months ago | reply

      time to have another baby, obvs hehehehe ;)

    11. ellen.graf 25 months ago | reply

      Uh oh. Let us see it!

    12. distekiana 25 months ago | reply

      So do show us! In the subway photo, a few posts back, at first I thought his hair as much shorter, and it looked so charmingly young man!

    13. bblouise 25 months ago | reply

      If you learn to cut it for him I think you'll feel less sad.

    14. calldis4946 25 months ago | reply

      Do we get to see the "after" photo or is it too traumatic?

    15. Rhonda35b 25 months ago | reply

      My son (just turned 12) has gorgeous blonde curls - and he hates them! If he isn't cutting his hair too short for it to curl, he is spending his time trying to flatten and straighten it - wears hats while his wet hair dries, etc. At some point, when the hormones kick in and he realizes that girls love curls, we'll see what happens. Until then, I have his toddler pictures to carry me through! Why do the boys always get the curls and the eyelashes??

    16. Killian77 25 months ago | reply

      Oh, Deb, you didn't!!

      My youngest had gorgeous blond curls, and I didn't see them again for years after I cut them into a "little boy" haircut. He went from wanting his hair "just like daddy's" to "I want a mohawk" and then finally, he let it grow again. Now it's kind of in the middle, but he doesn't let it get long enough to truly curl anymore.

    17. arezarecki 25 months ago | reply

      My little babe had his first haircut exactly a year ago, soon after his first birthday. We just took him for haircut #6!!! You gotta do what you gotta do. It's unfortunate we can't get away with a barrette on a boy.

      I hope we get to see Jacob's after pic! Is it possible that he could look even more handsome???

    18. laura pants 25 months ago | reply

      My niece is three and has yet to ever have a haircut. It's kind of mind boggling. But yeah, her hair does get in her face a lot.

    19. cool operator 25 months ago | reply

      I don't care. I want those curls.

    20. hemoglobinhummingbird 20 months ago | reply

      please move somewhere incredibly cold so this rad dude doesn't overheat and never cut his hair again

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