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    Jacob insisted we squeeze his sweet mega-noggin into a teddy bear-clad knit beret a certain Paris resident sent him when he was born. And then he jammed out. I love 2.

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    1. ellen.graf 27 months ago | reply

      2 is the best!

    2. emilyivey 27 months ago | reply

      I absolutely cannot believe he is 2. 2 is a great year!

    3. phoenix1570 27 months ago | reply

      awww, that hat was in one my most favorite pics of baby Jacob :) David did good!

    4. Kitchenette Blog 27 months ago | reply

      Too cute!! My nephew recently entered a guitar strummin' phase as well, I love it!

    5. skblmt 27 months ago | reply

      Ah! Two! Enjoy it lots...he will and so should you :)

    6. uni multimedia 27 months ago | reply

      He looks so cute you wanna reach in that photo and nom his cheeks.

    7. seguin63 27 months ago | reply

      It takes a cool kid to pull off that hip boho-NY vibe while wearing diapers. He's adorable!!

    8. stephaniedarling 27 months ago | reply

      He's totally got a 'Positively 4th Street' thing going on.

    9. Barreket 27 months ago | reply

      He looks like a tiny Beatle!

    10. hey.pictrues 27 months ago | reply

      wonderful shot

    11. Hill Street Studios 27 months ago | reply

      i agree with @posthipchick: the 3s, for my kids, were much more challenging than the 2s. I hope you are having tons of fun!

    12. rudybeardog 27 months ago | reply

      I don't think 2 could be any more adorable than this! He is precious.

    13. margaretgracemills 27 months ago | reply

      Oh that's adorable. Where did you get the guitar? My just-turned-2 just got through "musical instrument" week at daycare, and apparently was quite fond of the guitars. I'd love to give him something other than a plastic one with buttons!

    14. smitten 27 months ago | reply

      We've bought this one twice now. However, to warn you: it looks awesome but is total junk, mostly because the strings are plastic and don't stay tight. Jacob does not care. It turned out for $20 we didn't much either. We got several months out of the first one before it was just beyond repair.

    15. shellydk 27 months ago | reply

      The twos are the absolute best! My daughter wore whatever she wanted, wherever we went.

    16. tea_austen 27 months ago | reply

      Oh my, Deb. He is so BIG, and so adorably CUTE. It really is outrageous.
      Not sure how you manage to get a lick or work done. I'm certain I wouldn't.

    17. smitten 27 months ago | reply

      Oh, I don't. It's why it has taken me more than two years to write a cookbook. :)

    18. tea_austen 27 months ago | reply

      Nothing to do with the fact that cookbooks are HARD to write, eh? And that OTHER little blog-baby of yours. But honestly, those curls and big eyes are where it's at.

    19. smitten 27 months ago | reply

      Ha. Probably that too! I do keep referring to the cookbook as my second baby and then look quizzically at people when they ask when I'm having another kid. October 2012, of course!

    20. tea_austen 27 months ago | reply

      Looking forward to bouncing your second bundle of joy on my knee!

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