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    I rented a wide-angle lens and took 106 photos of my kitchen yesterday, a kitchen so tiny there's about 15 square feet of standing space. And then, I needed a nap. That's normal, right? Wait, don't tell me.

    I kind of stubbornly refused to pretty it up before taking the photos. It's a real kitchen, yo! So there you have it.

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    1. SmittyImagingLtd 28 months ago | reply

      great idea for storage. are those racks for kitchen or office?

    2. smitten 28 months ago | reply

      I think kitchen. For vertical plates, if I remember correctly. It's not a perfect system -- they'd do better if bolted down and some pans are too thick and creep into the next segment, but I'd still highly recommend it.

    3. Lisa Ouellette 28 months ago | reply

      I'm always amazed at what comes out of your tiny kitchen, and wondered where you stored all your stuff. Now, I want to see your fridge!

    4. LizMarie_AK 28 months ago | reply

      You and I have the same cabinet tops (well, you have more pans, but I have plenty). I enjoy dusting pans before baking. You do such a fabulous job with your small space! I'd love to see more pics.

    5. The Tart's Kitchen 28 months ago | reply

      We just have a bunch of empty boxes (for various kitchen things, because we WILL be moving in 2 more years), coolers, and the various glasses and bottles and steins we've collected over the last few years on top of our cabinets.

    6. miss25rs 28 months ago | reply

      Glad you're showing a REAL kitchen, and not something build with thousands and thousands of dollars that no one will end up using...that always annoys me.

    7. suzfondl 28 months ago | reply

      Ok, where did you get those racks? This would possibly save me from imminent concussions when mine come crashing down on my head!

    8. aip2003 28 months ago | reply

      Thanks for showing the real thing un-prettified! It's helpful and reassuring to see an everyday kitchen in which a certain someone creates delightful food.

    9. My Little Expat Kitchen 28 months ago | reply

      I too have the exact same system in my kitchen, which is tiiiny. I need all the space I can find and boy is that difficult. But I hate the fact that my pans get all dusty up there. I hate it that I have to wash a pan before using it.

      Where are the other 105 photos?? :)

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