i think he liked the fudge pop

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    Once upon a time, I promised a friend that I would never post a photo of my kid with schmutz all over his face on the internet. I lied.

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    1. kaiytea 45 months ago | reply

      He looks like he's in a fudge-induced reverie!

    2. auntsarie 45 months ago | reply

      schmutz does not a fudge pop make.

    3. carlatavares 45 months ago | reply

      So cute, it made me smile this photo

    4. pamelac2011 45 months ago | reply

      ...and then you have your own kid and it's freaking adorable. That is a sweet face.

    5. elizabeth.forney 45 months ago | reply

      the bib really makes it. hello innocence covered in chocolate!

    6. Lisa Ouellette 45 months ago | reply

      My guess is that you took him outside before handing him this melty, sticky, gooey thing! What you need now is a good garden hose (kidding!)

    7. seorasmc 45 months ago | reply

      nice chocolate moustache ;)

    8. cocineratapatia 45 months ago | reply

      He looks exhausted from the chocolate coma! =0) So precious!

    9. Jax1838 45 months ago | reply

      I was a nanny for a while...I used to give the kids push pops in the tub. Then I could just rinse 'em down and no clothes to wash. Hurrah. Then off to bed with 'em.

    10. MelissaBKB 45 months ago | reply

      I love the (almost looks like it's groomed) mustache + curls - it's very Romantic :) "But zee shocolat glacé, eet eez so goood."

    11. angelicaLA 45 months ago | reply

      I think you should have a regular caption contest.
      This one might be, "Wait . . . what?"
      (usually my response after an epic engulfing indulgence!)

    12. jane.cahn 45 months ago | reply

      The schmutz photos are the BEST! Happy sum sum summer!

    13. georgiecakes 45 months ago | reply

      Could he be any cuter! Little guy looks like his mom today ;)

    14. WifieH 45 months ago | reply

      "If I can't eat the stick, why did you dip it in chocolate for me, Ma?"

      My 17 month old daughter passed out for a record 10 HOURS immediately after she ate her first chocolate on a stick --it was a brown cow, though. The only thing better than a belly full of chocolate is a belly full of chocolate AND dairy. :)

      Many happy returns of the chocolate, Jacob!

    15. pomegranate pretty 45 months ago | reply

      this is all the testimonial I need.

    16. dubow 45 months ago | reply

      I think he's disappointed because his parents lied to him about the batch only making 2! heh

    17. Chloe DC 45 months ago | reply

      Ahah! I made the recipe, and I ended with exactly the same photo of my boy!

    18. ajira 43 months ago | reply

      Ah well. We've all made promises we couldn't keep! :D

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