a preview of Future Jacob

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    Just swap the sippy for a beer. Future Jacob is awesome.

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    1. andrealynn262003 36 months ago | reply

      :) Was it there before???? Did I miss it??? So cute!

    2. NikiG 36 months ago | reply

      I always suspected that pose was hard-wired onto the y-chromosome! What a cutie!

    3. soozll 36 months ago | reply

      Yeah...and he's already got the plaid (madras?) shorts going on, too!

    4. Queezle22 36 months ago | reply

      this makes me ache for my aloof 15-yr-old's toddlerhood. Enjoy every minute of it.

    5. leedav 36 months ago | reply

      Oh ma gaaaaah!

    6. rhondaaeh 36 months ago | reply

      And I miss my 13-yr-old's toddlerhood... total guy thing going there and too cute.

    7. jeaneve25 36 months ago | reply

      LOL...what a new yorker :-) He is just ate up with cuteness!

    8. Shannon C67 36 months ago | reply

      He is absolutely the cutest thing on the internet these days. Jacob pictures always make my day.

    9. bhhankes 36 months ago | reply

      Current Jacob has awesome shorts.

    10. NorthCoastMuse-Sally Kennedy 36 months ago | reply

      Jacob is having such an amazing childhood! From a country girl, a childhood in the city looks so foreign and interesting.... and fun!

    11. free range nurse 36 months ago | reply

      I love the chip in the stairs. It almost looks like a cheshire cat grinning next to him. Jacob is absolutely full of personality! I love it!

    12. carmen ❄ 36 months ago | reply

      gorgeous boy

    13. SheylaSweets 36 months ago | reply

      He's growing up so fast! Too cute for words! Many blessings from the Caribbean, if you ever come to the Dominican Republic I'll bake for you! pinky promise! just bring Jacob along! :)

    14. sparkgrrl658 36 months ago | reply

      he totally is! i'd totally hang out with future jacob. (no weirdo!)

    15. ddysgrl_1 36 months ago | reply

      Those legs!!!! Those SHOES!! OMG if he isn't the absolute BOMB!! Now if I could only see him in those goggles......:-)

    16. wrenisaprincess 35 months ago | reply

      I love that picture! You totally need to frame this one next to the future Jacob/beer/age 21/on stairs shot! And he has to wear plaid shorts!

    17. dänika 32 months ago | reply

      my one-year old has very similar shorts to those, and I call them his Frat Boy Shorts. I mean, seeeriously! little gut, check! plaid shorts, check! cheeky smile? check! container of liquid in hand? check!

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