is this how belts work?

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    I know I say this about every phase of babyhood thus far, but this is my favorite! I love his obsession with doing everything that we do. Daddy's putting up pictures? Jacob must help hold the hammer (with two hands). Can't find him? Oh, he's sitting on the bathroom floor, pretending to rub lotion into his feet like he sees mama do every morning.

    Also, you know I like you if I'm showing you the clothingbomb that was the corner of our bedroom that day. Life without a laundry room, people!

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    1. The Tart's Kitchen 36 months ago | reply

      He very much has a long-suffering look on his face that says, "Mama, are you REALLY taking ANOTHER picture of me?" Precious.

    2. Tammi Marie 36 months ago | reply

      sooooo freaking cute

    3. An Ng. 36 months ago | reply

      OmGod! That face! It kills me! He looks like he's saying, "It's cool, I know how to do it. I'm a big guy now. No big deal." By the way, I'm so glad his hair grew back just as curly as before the cut. If it straightened out, I would have been heart broken!

    4. knitmaniac 36 months ago | reply

      OMG! How do you get anything at all accomplished....I'd be on the floor with him every minute of every day!

    5. marlakash 36 months ago | reply

      this look belongs in a woody allen movie

    6. houserlc 36 months ago | reply

      Was there laundry in this photo? I saw a cute little laundry.

    7. ellen.graf 36 months ago | reply

      Hello, fashion jeans, Jacob!

    8. saradickens 36 months ago | reply

      Do you wake up every morning, see that precious creature, and squee? And then squee every time you look at him throughout the day?

    9. கட்டுமரம் 36 months ago | reply

      nice work on the belly :) awww

    10. letyeu 36 months ago | reply

      So. Cute.

    11. Trysha. 36 months ago | reply

      That face. Goodness.

    12. girlwonderful 36 months ago | reply

      He is so damn cute - it really seems almost unfair ;)

    13. rice_erin06 36 months ago | reply

      Deb, how on earth do you even get anything done with a boy as cute as THAT?! Honestly, he is adorable beyond words (although I'm sure you hear that all the time) and I cannot get over how darn cute he is! And I LOVE how he enjoys sitting and looking at his books. You sure do have a future reader on your hands! Again, ADORABLE Jacob, just adorable. And your cooking recipes aren't too shabby either. :-)

    14. smitten 36 months ago | reply

      I don't get work done. It's why I haven't finished my cookbook yet. :)

      Yesterday, Jacob was eating an apple and chicken sausage for lunch. "Jacob, say apple." "Acggle." "Jacob, say chicken." "Bok-bok! Bok!" (That's a chicken noise to him. I died.)

    15. miel bakes/madhu 36 months ago | reply

      I like "Acggle"!!!!

    16. ddysgrl_1 36 months ago | reply

      Deb...We ALL have clothing bombs sometimes, laundry room or not!! No big deal!!
      This is my absolute FAVORITE Jacob picture! THOSE CHEEKS!! THAT TUMMY!!! I actually gasped when it came up!!! How can you stop grabbing this child for kisses & squeezes long enough to type or do laundry or anything!!??????? This little guy is beyond adorable!!!!!!

    17. erthsister 35 months ago | reply

      I can see why you don't get much done sometimes. :) I'd be soo distracted by everyday cuteness. I love these toddler phases when they want to imitate everything going on around them.

    18. Lizorama1 35 months ago | reply

      Strawberry stains (and other berries too) will easily come out when boiling water is poured on them. Seriously! Learned it from my grandmother, and I live in the amazing oasis of berries that is Oregon.

    19. Roguelynx 34 months ago | reply

      The best thing for removing stains from baby/toddler's clothes is bile soap. Takes out even old strawberry stains. :)

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