...and all I got were these lousy maracas

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    Someone finally decided to learn the word "mama" -- while we were away! Toddles into the kitchen: "Mama." Toddles into the bedroom: "Mama". Points at my laptop power cord: "Mama." Obviously, clearly, he is trying to break my heart.

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    1. miel bakes/madhu 49 months ago | reply

      He is breaking EVERYone's heart my dear!

    2. Heidi Ferrier 49 months ago | reply

      My 14 month daughter, Isabel, is in love with your son! Whenever his pic is on the screen, she points and smiles and shy little smile and giggles. He's breaking hearts in California :)

    3. GingerCat* 49 months ago | reply

      He's breaking hearts here in Ireland! I honestly don't know how you cope with the cuteness day after day!

    4. callalillie 49 months ago | reply

      Delicious little arms.

    5. LAIrisha 49 months ago | reply

      It's a wonder you get anything done when faced with this kind of deliciousness every day! When I stay home with Lily, work goes right out the window.

    6. smitten 49 months ago | reply

      I'd like to thank our landlords for keeping our apartment so brutally hot that Jacob has to wear short sleeves and we get to admire his prodigious arm chub everyday. :)

      I get nothing done. Especially now that he says "Mama?" every time he walks in a room.

    7. ostaff1 49 months ago | reply

      That child amazingly cute!

    8. distekiana 49 months ago | reply

      And mother-daughter combo of broken hearts from a French-Romanian family in Romania!

    9. BeaDeeH 49 months ago | reply

      My little girl is a couple weeks younger than your little one, and she did the same thing-- finally learned "Mama" when she didn't see me every minute for a few days. Kills me every time.

    10. dimplescfw 49 months ago | reply

      Ha! I just spent a few days away from my son (same age as Jacob) and he, too, learned "mama" while I was gone. Although actually, I Skyped with him a few times and now he keeps pointing the laptop and saying "mama," so maybe that's what he thinks the computer is called . . .

    11. arezarecki 49 months ago | reply

      I sooo love little Jacob! You must be so proud of his mama's! Just today my 12 month old guy said, of all words... robot.

    12. az2000 49 months ago | reply

      Arm chub, curls, that smile, that face, that expression! This guy, I swear!

    13. newlymarrieddegroats 49 months ago | reply

      We just arrived from Aruba and all it's wonderfulness last night. So late that my 14 month old has not yet gotten to see his new maracas and One Happy Island tee shirt. Sure hope they conjure up a smile as fabulous as your little one's!

    14. Smith Bites 48 months ago | reply

      oh. dear. lord. it has been a while since i've trusted myself to look at any of Jacob's pics; because whenever i DO look at this cutest baby ever, all i talk about is 'Deb's cutie-pie Jacob this, and Deb's cutie-pie Jacob that' . . . sigh . . . now look what you've done . . .

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