jacob meets elmo

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    Falls in love. Cries when we have to return him to his play date.

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    1. ladeevolfan 39 months ago | reply

      Every toddler loves 'Mo! My 18 month old is completely infatuated with him. Lil Jacob's attachment will only grow stronger. :-)

    2. JacquieLH 39 months ago | reply

      We tried resisting the hold that Elmo inevitably takes on all little children but it was of no use. Our resistance was futile and our 2 year old is now also in love with Elmo.

    3. verseinmyhead 39 months ago | reply

      Omg, his hair! He will break hearts.

    4. CaliforniaRenie 39 months ago | reply

      Oh my gosh, forget the hair, look at those perfect eyelashes!

    5. Ashlae | oh, ladycakes 39 months ago | reply

      Those curls! Gosh, those curls. AND perfect eyelashes? Sometimes I think your womb is filled with magic fairy dust - I have never seen a kid so breathtakingly adorable.

    6. pomegranate pretty 39 months ago | reply

      agreed..fairy dust womb. not that your womb is..dusty. just..MAGIC!

    7. andrealynn262003 39 months ago | reply

      I agree with JacquieLH and ladeevolfan, toddlers love Elmo. We too tried to resist. Never introduced her to the character. And yet one day there she was lying in the crib saying, "Elmo?" clear as day. Needless to say, we were off to the store to buy Elmo shortly there after . . . At least she's learning her ABCs from the muppet.

    8. wlbniles 39 months ago | reply

      Oh, for the love of PETE! It's the chubbiness that gets me. The cheeks. The fingers! I love this age.

    9. jane.cahn 39 months ago | reply

      I'd cry too if I had to let that cute red fuzzy stuffed animal go. I bet you're at the store buying up 1 for Jacob now :)! Heck it's almost Valentines - and Elmo is red... SO SO CUTE!!!!!!!!

    10. eddieandcleo 39 months ago | reply

      Years ago, some poor child left his teddy bear behind at our house after a play date. Teddy immediately became mine and still sits on my shelf as I speak/type today, some 48 years later. Not sure how that child felt losing teddy, but I know Teddy has given me plenty of love and comfort over the years.

      And yes, Jacob is cute. Frighteningly so. Thank you for him.

    11. az2000 39 months ago | reply

      OH DEAR GOD! The hair, the cheeks, the expression, the hands, the cuteness!

    12. Boot~C 39 months ago | reply

      I'm sensing a theme here~invite friend over, fall in love w/ sock monkey, invite friend over, fall in love w/ Elmo...

    13. veggiegirl2 39 months ago | reply

      Wait wait, is he gated IN the kitchen?

    14. smitten 39 months ago | reply

      Yes. I never have it closed so he just comes in and closes himself in. And then demands we let him out. Hours of entertainment.

    15. ae 39 months ago | reply

      What is it about Elmo? He's scientifically engineered crack for kids. So weird.

    16. alice q. foodie 39 months ago | reply

      crazy cute - the curls and the lashes and the sweet little cheeks!

    17. Simply_Happy 39 months ago | reply

      ^^Great comment - Couldn't have been said it better!

    18. frostedanimalcookie 38 months ago | reply

      I fell in love with elmo as a toddler. He's still my favorite. I'm 21 now.

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