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    This is exactly when Alex came home with our coffee. Actually, it had been worse a minute earlier. It's the stringiest, messiest, stickiest substance in the world. Trying to wipe it off a finger gets it on the next finger, and then the next, and then you're ten fingers deep and really up shit's creek. If you can accept that you're not going to get it all out of the bowl, not going to get it off the spatula, it will be a lot easier. Otherwise, prepare for a losing battle.

    1. jcheramy 71 months ago | reply

      this happens to me every single time i make rice krispies squares. for some reason i can't NOT touch the marshmallow...

    2. Humble Origins 71 months ago | reply

      ...That's when you just say "oh what the hell" and start lickin' your fingers, spatula, etc... lol... :o)

      ...Yeah I'm with 'jcheramy' up there - the same things happens to me too with the Rice Krispy Treats...

      ...Blessings... :o)

    3. kalina813 71 months ago | reply

      I know exactly what you're talking about, but since I live alone there was no one to save I had to lick myself out of the sticky situation. Mmmm....

    4. NorahAuraFlickr 11 months ago | reply

      or..... you could always rub your hands in oil or butter to prevent sticking :)

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