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    1. shutterbean 57 months ago | reply

      im a sucker for baby elbow dimples....gets me every time!

    2. Chris and Mulzer 57 months ago | reply

      watch out. we discovered that baby saliva apparently breaks the mac magnetic power cords in two seconds flat. (also, you know, i suppose there's the "electricity" concern.)

    3. sparkgrrl658 57 months ago | reply

      so, thank god for the magnetic power cords these days, amirite?

    4. Ponteuf {lighteningmyload} 57 months ago | reply

      Those thighs are just yum!!!
      my daughter got a shock from 'gumming 'the magnetic mac cord the other day,she was fine but it scared the heck out of both of us!! I should have been watching more closely but seeing as it is magnetic I didn't realize she had pulled it out :0(

    5. jenianddean 57 months ago | reply

      Watch out laptops! Someone's hungry for an apple.

    6. David Lebovitz 57 months ago | reply

      Move away from the light, little one!

    7. Mike Groseth 57 months ago | reply

      Awesome! An instant fav for me...I miss the days of my little guy(whose 2 now) when he would crawl around the house! Great shot!

    8. smitten 57 months ago | reply

      Chris -- Does it ruin the cord? (How awesome am I, more worried that we'll have to replace power cords than I am that my child will suck on an electrical wire?)

      He actually goes for the wooden tiled place mats underneath. Pulls them out and bangbangbangs on them like drums. He can have them but I need to find a new place for my Gourmets and Garden & Guns!

    9. jane.cahn 57 months ago | reply

      Hee Hee Hee, sounds like it's time to batten down the hatches! That picture is so darn CUTE!

    10. Alice in Libraryland 57 months ago | reply

      I can second the baby ruining the Mac cord warning. Mine put it in her mouth and the next thing I knew it was shot - had to buy a new one. I think it also might of given her a little shock, but I wasn't totally sure.

    11. smitten 57 months ago | reply

      Thanks -- great to know. I mean, it's not like I was going to let him suck on one anyway, but at $80 a pop, I'm sure we'll be that much more careful.

    12. redhotpottery 57 months ago | reply

      I call the drumstick!!!

    13. pbeane 57 months ago | reply

      oh good lord...can that kid get any cuter?

    14. Substitute Chef 57 months ago | reply

      I love how his exploring headed straight for the computer wire, time to put everything up a level!

    15. limar082002 57 months ago | reply

      About the magazines - I removed the ones that I didn't want destroyed and left a nice stack that I didn't mind getting ripped, torn, or folded up. My oldest boy LOVED to "look" at magazines and it was ok that he looked at his stack.
      When that phase was over, the worn out magazines went to recycling.

    16. shiphrah99 57 months ago | reply

      You are in sooooo much trouble! Turn around twice and there'll be a hand reaching up to the kitchen table in search of something - anything! - to grab. Turn around twice more and you'll find him dancing on said table! My grandson did a little tap dance and then proceeded to climb the china cabinet. Crazy TaiTai (that's me) realized there was no stopping him, so he had an impromptu lesson in safe climbing.....

    17. skblmt 57 months ago | reply

      Books and magazines within reach are fair game, so anything that's very precious to you, put up high, and I mean higher than you would think possible for him to reach. As for climbing, my kiddo loves to climb up on the barstools we have for seating at our kitchen counter and it terrifies me every single time. No way to get her to stop though, and what kind of lesson would that be anyway? So, like TaiTai, a lesson in safe climbing was needed. The inevitable fall has yet to happen.

    18. Chris and Mulzer 57 months ago | reply

      oh, yes, it ruins the cord instantly. luckily, n. hasn't gotten a shock, but he did manage to ruin two cords before we figured out a good arrangement to keep them out of reach. the kid is fast!

    19. parikha mehta 57 months ago | reply

      What a cutie! It's so fun to see your photos of Jacob because my little guy (born Oct. 12) seems to be hitting milestones at nearly the exact same time as yours...

    20. autumngrrl 57 months ago | reply

      a) THIGHS! b) Your coffee table looks JUST LIKE my coffee table. Not the furniture itself - that's irrelevant. The macbook pros. And also -good to read the comments about the magsafe adapters. Those suckers are expensive, and also. I guess.. electricity. And dangerous. But also expensive!

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