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    I vow not to discuss the price of this. It's bad for my blood pressure.

    1. shetha 59 months ago | reply

      oh lucky us -- grew it in the garden and it's popping out all over the place! Next year I'll have a wee one to feed it to :-) My 7 year old accused it of being "too sweet" (made a wilted salad w/ olive oil/garlic/lemon)

    2. blottedcopybook 58 months ago | reply

      Deb have you thought about growing it? You could totally do this on a balcony or windowledge, it doesn't have deep roots and it's seriously easy to do x

    3. smitten 58 months ago | reply

      Ha. I have no balcony or any legal ability to grow in a window ledge.

      I realize in hindsight that I was mischarged for this, at $40 (aaah!) a pound instead of $20. Even at $20 I'm a little horrified. It's fairly standard at NYC markets but upsets me greatly as I guess spinach can't be both grown under ideal conditions and "food for the people" under this system. I understand that we often have an expectation that our food is cheap, and then are surprised when it is not grown cleanly or sustainably, but there's got to be a middle ground between this and food that most people can afford. Half a pound of spinach cooks down to virtually nothing, as I'm sure we all know. It would feed one to two people, as a side, tops.

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