jacob likes rubber giraffe meat

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    Not pictured: The multiple attempts to inch, crawl and yell her to him before he figured out he could grab the blanket she was on and pull it to him.

    1. Soliwit 59 months ago | reply

      he is by far one of THE cutest babies in the world!

    2. fun2decoratecakes 59 months ago | reply

      To cute! Great hair, too!

    3. Lisa Ouellette 59 months ago | reply

      Already using tools, eh?

    4. msjvd 59 months ago | reply

      Thank heavens he's still a baby, Deb. One of your pictures made him look like he was a toddler and I thought "ahhhhhhhhh! where has the time gone?" So good to see he's still his adorable little baby self!

    5. webstemo 59 months ago | reply

      I like that blanket... where's it from?

    6. haphap47 59 months ago | reply

      He's going to be disappointed when momma won't cook him giraffe!! :)

    7. naisydaisy 59 months ago | reply

      We love Sophie too! But Andrew thinks her nose is more tasty than her feet.

    8. pomegranate pretty 59 months ago | reply

      Beebs loooved sophie! always gnawing on her face.

    9. wlbniles 59 months ago | reply

      Sophie was a hit with our first, and now she's even more of a hit with our second. We're also partial to Gnon, as well. Part of the Cham-Pie-Gnon clan. Start them early on their mushrooms...

    10. Ahersh2008 59 months ago | reply

      My little Ezra has the same giraffe and he loves it!

    11. crankbunny 59 months ago | reply

      That giraffe is for some reason the best baby toy out there. All the kids have them - so bizarre!

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