the state of the freezer

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    1. Uauage' 59 months ago | reply

      argh... sorry you went the baby food way. I thought that as a food lover you'd be eager to go the "baby led weaning" way.

    2. smitten 59 months ago | reply

      What a shame one cannot be a food lover and make baby food! In my world, no such dichotomy exists.

      In my world, I also don't tell people that they're feeding their babies the wrong way, because they're not following the approach that I do [See also: "You're doing it wrong!"]

    3. spartic99 59 months ago | reply

      You tell her Deb!

      What an ignorant and annoying comment! You do what feel right for you and your baby and ignore the peanut gallery.

    4. Mishu Mathu 59 months ago | reply

      I love the way everything is neatly stacked!

      And that comment: best ignored!

    5. sparkgrrl658 59 months ago | reply

      you know, it really is a shame that some people can't share ideas without putting someone else's down. i don't have kids and might keep it that way but i still find it interesting all the different methods that have come along.

      anyway, glad you took the jump, deb, and you know the majority totally supports and appreciates your efforts :D

      in related news, i actually used to make fruit 'baby food' like you and mix it with plain organic yogurt. then i would freeze them in cupcake liners. you know what it was? "ice cream" for my dogs ;)

    6. brittalily 59 months ago | reply

      It's so colorful. I love it!

    7. nailnanails 59 months ago | reply

      adorable!!!! would it be too forward to make these for myself? :P

      ok don't kill me if this is a stupid question but you freeze it just because you make it in bulk right? like if you made a small batch you could just feed it to the baby right away?

    8. Anne_in_MA 58 months ago | reply

      Nails: As Deb explains here, yes, the freezing is just for storage purposes. It's not necessary to the actual preparation.

      Huzzah for homemade baby food. One of the biggest upsides, aside from taste/freshness, has got to be huge cost savings.

      Also, that asinine first comment reminds me of a hilarious excerpt from The Kid: "We had been told to put D.J. to sleep on his back, not his stomach, to prevent sudden infant death syndrome. Our mothers told us to put him to sleep on his stomach, not his back, to prevent sudden infant death. We'd been told not to put our baby in a playpen, or his brain would turn to mush. Our mothers pointed out that we'd spent time in playpens and our brains weren't mush." How did any of us survive to adulthood?

      Seriously, I'm pretty sure David Lebovitz survived an infancy of baby food. Yeesh.

    9. smitten 58 months ago | reply

      Thanks Anne, nailnanails, had missed your comment -- You can serve it fresh. Thing is, the baby eats so little at at time in the beginning that you inevitably make way more than you need. To me, from the freezer (defrosting in the last 24, frozen right after cooking) is fresher-tasting than having been in the fridge for a week. But, there's no wrong way to do it, that is just how I approach it.

    10. feitouzi 58 months ago | reply

      Love the colors and the neatness! My own baby is only 3 months old. I already look forward to making all kinds of baby food for him! What an adventure it will be for him!

    11. Xai :: ObviouslyOmnivore 57 months ago | reply

      OMG! your freezer looks so organized and freezing baby food.... amazing idea! i never thought about it... imma have to use that idea for our dog who seems to have a weird obsession over ice. i still cant get over the organization!!! :)

    12. Jeff_and_Soos [deleted] 56 months ago | reply

      This is amazing baby food! Thank you for sharing!

    13. Artemis Clover Photo 54 months ago | reply

      so colorful and so neat! can't wait to make food for my babes. he is only 4 months now.

    14. kristin_d_c 52 months ago | reply

      Of course as we all know, "baby-led weaning" can never mean the baby wants some soft food. It's not like babies are different from each other or anything. *eyeroll*

    15. mokapest 49 months ago | reply

      that's great!

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