jacob on the swings

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    I can't remember whether he was staring at a bus going by or the little girl on the next swing, but he spends a lot of time doing both.

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    1. Sarah Brown 60 months ago | reply

      From the thumbnail, he looked like a tiny aviator with the hair and the furry jacket!

    2. melissa-ann 60 months ago | reply

      I so love his hair.

    3. porrothecat 60 months ago | reply

      Love his dreamy expression and rosy cheeks!

    4. laurie1109 60 months ago | reply

      He is a very observant baby, isn't he? Taking the world in, for sure!

    5. SMITH BITES BLOG 60 months ago | reply

      OK Deb, if I haven't said this before, this child needs an agent, seriously - he could pay for college!! Honestly, I'm not a baby gusher, but this little guy just steals my heart. I've wanted to meet you for some time, but now I'd probably be like, 'Oh Hi Deb, nice to meet you - did you bring Jacob????'

    6. jane.cahn 60 months ago | reply

      TOOOOOOOOOOO cute! Seriously!

    7. muirnait 60 months ago | reply

      He is definitely gush-worthy. So sweet!

    8. vdempsey2007 60 months ago | reply

      In all the gushing, has anyone mentioned those eyebrows? Seriously! Can't you just imagine one slightly raised above those twinkly eyes when he wants something from you? Glad it's not up to me to have to tell him "no".

    9. jones1313y 60 months ago | reply

      Most def the most delish looking thing you have ever cooked!!!

    10. Mamaleone2 60 months ago | reply

      Such a beautiful child. Enjoy him, childhood goes by too fast!

    11. Megan Stuke 60 months ago | reply

      My little guy has that same coat, and it is the only reason I am sad to see the cool weather go. So snuggly and cute. With ears!

    12. travelingrhinos 60 months ago | reply

      wheels + ladies! and at such an early age. ;)

    13. anne.dinan 60 months ago | reply

      i cant beleive we all start out this way.

    14. ChalotteButterball 59 months ago | reply

      I don't think I've ever seen a face quite as happy or beautiful. You have on adorable guy there!

    15. mariscalla 59 months ago | reply

      Oooh he's starting to look like you! Not that I know you in person, but in photos, at least!

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