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    I am now convinced that Jacob spends most of his time plotting things he can climb (I see him eying the wall of bookcases and china cabinet) and get into (wine rack, tangled computer wires) as soon as he gets those bulky pulkes to work. Send help. Or padding.

    1. shauna | glutenfreegirl 59 months ago | reply

      yes. you are right. lucy is the same. and it's wonderful.

    2. keebler224 59 months ago | reply

      Long time reader..... first time Flickr commenter. I love your willingness to share Jacob's development with us. Your photographs are amazing and your commentary on the recipes even better.

      My son had this same Jumparoo and it was not until he started climbing out of it (at 10 months) that we finally (reluctantly) had to put it away. It is the best invention ever!

    3. smitten 59 months ago | reply

      Aw, thanks. He loves this toy. His mama, ahem, was all sorts of angsty over buying something so LARGE and PLASTIC and BIG and COLORFUL. The 741 glowing reviews (also, that they'd dropped the price by more than 1/3 two weeks ago) on Amazon convinced me to get over my misguided hope that my child will only enjoy wooden, handmade toys with vegetable-based dye paints (ha) and indeed, he loves it. And he's soo cute jumping around in it.

    4. ~ Carly ~ 59 months ago | reply

      ohhhh! he is such a handsome little devil =)
      and that hair!! gorgeous!

    5. *Mrs C* 59 months ago | reply

      Jumperoo's ROCK! We sold our daughters on eBay and now need it back again for our son. Its an amazing toy, I'm going to get another one

    6. Confabulation 59 months ago | reply

      All I can say is "Gird your loins." Take it from a mama of a 21-month-old boy. (But don't fear; it's awesome fun at the same time!)

      He is a doll baby!

    7. milkshakepants 59 months ago | reply

      Yes, prepare yourself! Daniel started crawling on Wednesday and I've spent all day scrubbing the floors and baseboards in preparation of the daily licking of all surfaces within his reach.

      His mastery of crawling is coinciding with him being clingy all of a sudden. How's he supposed to go off and explore if he wants me to pick him up all the time?!? Silly babies.

      We have the same jumperoo. I think it's the best, most popular giant heap of rainbow plasticyness ever invented.

    8. picky & fussy 59 months ago | reply

      that smile is priceless

    9. MelissaS 59 months ago | reply

      Meh, a little volcanic dust residue off the baseboards and floors will give him mythical powers!

    10. ljwbrooks 59 months ago | reply

      First time commenter, but I love your baby and how you've shared him with us. His curls and dimples are just delicious! Ours is 11 mos and into EVERYTHING! Be glad he's taking his time-- at first I was so proud that she was developing early, now I'm just exhausted by the toddling run and the climbing and the busyness that is she, but I'm still in love with the squeals of delight and the huge grin and the sparkling blue eyes. Duct tape is my friend. Cheers to you and yours, Deb!

    11. Jane H.2010 59 months ago | reply

      I melt whenever I see that sweet face. I've enjoyed watching his growth. He's such a happy baby. I recall reading that the best way to initially determine what to childproof in a room (besides the obvious drawers, cabinets and electrical sockets) is to get down on the floor to see the room from the baby's perspective. May sound strange but makes sense to me. I don't recall if I did that since my son is now an adult. Time flies.

    12. Virginia Kelser Jones 59 months ago | reply

      Oh my, he's gettting cuter and cuter. I think I see a sparkle in those eyes. That sweet boy is plotting. Take my word for it.
      Smoochie smooch big boy!

    13. sarah_beek 59 months ago | reply

      Well, if you are going to break down and get a huge plastic thing, I would have to agree that that jumper is the one to get. Even though it's the size of a small automobile. My daughter totally went to town on hers, and it was so hilarious that it was worth sacrificing 50 percent of the living room while she used it. (Which wasn't for long, the window that those things are good for is so short, look out!)

    14. shutterbean 59 months ago | reply

      we always called this little play center Cooper's "CEO chair"
      he used to make such informed decisions on which toy to suck on!

    15. oatmeal782 59 months ago | reply

      wow, he is so adorable it hardly seems possible!!

    16. soniawc 59 months ago | reply

      Little schemer! He is so beautiful.

    17. dimplescfw 59 months ago | reply

      We've got the same jumperoo! It's very popular in these parts as well. Seriously, if you're caving on the big plastic toys, you should get yourself one of these: Our son loves his, and it's great because it's not too big (good for small spaces) and it's pretty portable.

    18. mrsergul 59 months ago | reply

      I like how this toy is well padded cuz the one my nephew has doesn't come with all that padding and we have to stuff his bolsters in between... this is a million dollar smile!

    19. Adeline's mama 59 months ago | reply

      We called it the baby command center. Totally fantastic invention!

    20. LittleOliveBranch 58 months ago | reply

      Pulkes! Yummmmmm (as my grandma would say)

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