6 a.m.: jacob for sale

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    I told him we would not be on speaking terms until the little hand hit the 8.

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    1. pomegranate pretty 79 months ago | reply

      that onesie kills.
      absolutely cannot get over how cute he is.

    2. soniawc 79 months ago | reply

      He is absolutely adorable, even in the wee hours of the morning. Maybe even more so then.

    3. mamacavy 79 months ago | reply

      Owen has that onesie too. It's my FAVORITE!

    4. smitten kitchen 79 months ago | reply

      I love the pjs but it depresses me that they run so small that my four month old is filling out the 6-9 month size. The gap, old navy and carters stuff runs so big that I can still convince myself the child is wee enough that he'll never grow up and not call home.

    5. AM Carmody 79 months ago | reply

      Ugh. I want one. You know, I don't mind waking up early at all ...

    6. jane.cahn 79 months ago | reply

      Oh I remember the days when they started at 6am - made for a looooooooooong day! But his face...it's so cute!

    7. perforce 79 months ago | reply

      aaaaah, but the bedhead, how can you resist the bedhead?!?

    8. lisaclarke 79 months ago | reply

      Oh my, how could you resist that face, no matter *what* time it woke you up? Adorableness.

    9. lindsey z. 79 months ago | reply

      He is SO cute! Makes me excited to have a little one of my own soon!

    10. muirnait 79 months ago | reply

      He is rather amazingly cute!

    11. valkuan 79 months ago | reply

      Oh I can't get enough of him. Where did you find this cute rompers?

    12. Virginia Kelser Jones 79 months ago | reply

      Oh I want him, but not till 8:00 or so! What a little angel. Smoochie smooch Jake the Snake! :)
      (You can call me Mumsie, that's what my grandchildren call me)

    13. Dawn - Kitchen Travels 79 months ago | reply

      Hesitate to tell you this, but... my oldest baby is 8, and I don't think he has ever slept past 6:30 in his life. I don't even know why we have an alarm clock, except that his kisses on my sleepy cheek are really so much nicer than any buzzer/music.

    14. YvonneLH 79 months ago | reply

      Awww, with a face like that, he surely gets a million kisses from mama!

    15. bethany.hankes 79 months ago | reply

      Oh lord. Oh lord. I can not handle the cute.

    16. appieloosa 78 months ago | reply

      Oh wow you get to sleep til 6 am. I'll trade you..lol Mine is 14 months old now and still won't sleep thru the night, The nights he only wakes up twice I find myself cheering...LOL

    17. takeitysie 72 months ago | reply

      oooh ;D
      he's sweet (:

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