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    Skillet Irish Soda Bread (with raisins and caraway seeds!) from the New York Times this week. Absolutely worth the effort, which is not much, really. Supposed to be served with cheddar and apples, though we have neither in-house. I think it would be dreamy with a dollop of creme fraiche.

    I only have this 8-ish inch cast iron, which is why it's so tall, but fortunately not overflowing. I just reseasoned this baby today. Again. I really don't know what I keep doing wrong.

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    1. Queen Roly 97 months ago | reply

      I'm having issues with my cast iron skillets as well. I'm pretty sure it's because there's too much water that hits those pans through cooking and cleaning. and not enough cooking with oil to counterbalance, so I'm ended up with a net loss of carbon and oil build up causing stuff to stick. I might try to reseason mine this summer on the grill outside. I hear that is a much better technique than the oven.

      Your bread looks awesome. Seems that everybody has got the urge to make irish soda bread lately. I've seen recipes over on Simply Recipes, Epicurious, and now here. Stuff must be great. Perhaps that's my cue.

    2. smitten 97 months ago | reply

      I agree. I had to reseason this one after the very first time I used it, because I made an apple tarte tatin and the acidity ruined the seasoning. This time, I had made Indian red lentils and cabbage, and maybe because it stuck a little (?) the seasoning was again wrecked. Fortunately, as long as I remember to reseason the pot when I'm working from home and can make sure nothing is being set on fire while mostly ignoring it, I don't find it difficult. But, I know it's not right that I've had to so often. And to clean it without soap! After cooking with spices! I just can't get my head around it, though I do always insist we use the soft side of the sponge.

      I think people are going soda bread crazy just because of St. Patty's Day this weekend. For me at least, it's about the only time I think of it!

    3. Queen Roly 97 months ago | reply

      Hahaha! It took me a while to convince the boyfriend that soap+castiron=one really pissed off girlfriend with a messed up skillet! Soap has only hit my skillet once when it came out of the box. After that, if anything sticks, I use the boiling water trick. Unfortunately that kills the seasoning as well but not quite as bad as soap will. My dad always tells me to never put water in it if I can help it, and just scrape the crud out, then wipe out the excess oil with a paper towel. If I can, I do it that way, but there's always that little uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach about cleanliness and germs. I've yet to die though.

      And I totally didn't connect the St. Patty's Day thing with the soda bread. Duhhh! Would make sense wouldn't it?!

    4. scottzanke 82 months ago | reply

      I haven't made this but I'm defintely going to give it a try. Here's the secret for cornbread not sticking to a cast iron skillet. Obviously you want to use a well seasoned skillet then put about three to four tablespoons oil in the skillet and place in the preheated oven for 10-12 minutes. I use five tablesppons oil an put a couple of tablespoons of hot oil into the cornbread batter. Pour the batter into the hot skillet and it will start cooking right away then back into the oven. Do not use butter as the solids in the butter will brown or burn. If you use butter, clarify it first.
      This method may work for the Irish Soda Bread as well.

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