your cooking phobias

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    1. shutterbean 82 months ago | reply

      hee hee! i am trying to get over some of mine this summer! Pie crust is one of my biggest...

    2. smitten 82 months ago | reply

      If it is pie crust, I want you to promise to wait until it is cooler to get over your fear. It's not that you can't succeed in the summer, it's just that pie doughs are notoriously more difficult when its warm, no matter how blastin' your a/c is. I made a peach pie disaster a few summers ago and it took me a year to come back to pie dough!

    3. shutterbean 82 months ago | reply

      thank you! i heed your advice. although i could go for some cherry pie right now. sigh....

    4. ~Moira 81 months ago | reply

      My mother has a major tart shell phobia, always buys premade if she needs one.

      Mine is probably caramel, last time I attempted caramel I burnt my fingers and yielded a pot unusable. If I were not vegetarian I probably wouldn't have a problem with cooking meat. but I can't imagine not being vegetarian. Deep frying seems good for nothing but serious burns and widened hips to me. But other than that I don't have any serious culinary phobias.

    5. 81 months ago | reply

      I fear nothing but ruin many things anyway. :) Many things that I have been learning about from food websites are brand new to me so if I can find the ingredients I will try anything.

    6. shutterbean 81 months ago | reply

      btw- your post was genius. i read it on my blackberry while i was at the doctors. hee heee

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