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    Ecch, still have major iPhoto issues. Latest glitch: went to buy a new copy of Elements this weekend (hooray!) because my old one was for a PC (boo!) and guess what? 6.0 comes out at the end of March. In fact, Adobe isn't even selling the old Mac version anymore. One can buy it boxed from Amazon or elsewhere, but then in March would have to pay another 60% of the price for an upgrade. Why is it so difficult? I thought that the road to MacLove would be bright and airy, that I would question why I lived in PCLore for so long? I'm struggling.

    But this quiche was so delicious.

    Leek and Swiss Chard Tart

    1. Queen Roly 87 months ago | reply

      Have you considered The Gimp until Elements comes out? It's not a perfect solution, but it's free, and a lot like PhotoChop in its abilities. And remember, that's not a Mac issue... blame Adobe :)

    2. Tammi Marie 87 months ago | reply

      You aren't the only one struggling with Mac love. We got our iMac in December and our Lexmark printer would not work with it (and Lexmark has no plans to make drivers for that model), so began the search for a printer that would work with it ($150 later).

      My husband is from Scotland and has a subscription to listen to his Aberdeen football games online. Except Mac doesn't have the latest Windows Media Player, so he couldn't listen to the games (he tried many different things, and is now stuck to using the old Dell that I had wanted to get rid of).

      There's been other things too, but I won't go on.

    3. smitten 87 months ago | reply

      QR -- I'll check it out, but I do blame Apple for the lousiness of iPhoto. I'm going to do a screen shot soon showing the difference between the way photos look in it and once uploaded to Flickr. It's unbelievable.

      Tammi -- Bummer that it was the iMac! Apple is running a special that with the purchase of an MacBook you could get a $100 printer free (or a $100 rebate from a more expensive one through Monday, I think. We already had a printer so I snagged one for my sister.

    4. Tammi Marie 87 months ago | reply

      Yeah, they had that offer when I bought mine, but of course I didn't realize I needed a new printer until after I already bought the iMac (and it had to all be on one order). I looked at the printers Apple offers and most of them aren't even totally compatible with OS X 10.5.1 yet. I went with a Kodak that I knew would work with no issues! So, so far it's been ok and I'm over the crisis. :)

    5. David Lebovitz 87 months ago | reply

      There's a photo editor in Flickr now that's not bad, but I still use photoshop.

      You might want to try Skitch or ImageWell. I think they both have free versions.

    6. sassyradish 87 months ago | reply

      Deb, i have the SAME problem with iPhoto - not like i've done much lately.. but still. i am quite disappointed with it. You would THINK that they would give you something that beats the pants off Picasa, but sadly this is not true... I would splurge on Photoshop, but it's so pricey! I think I am in your shoes, waiting for Elements to come out in March.

    7. Queen Roly 87 months ago | reply

      Deb - I totally understand and it's all in color space issues. iPhoto is crap and I agree with ya blaming Apple. They *should* provide a way in which you can control the color space. It's just not meant for serious editors. I thought you were getting ill about the Elements issue and blaming it on Apple. That was me being retarded. Opps!!! :)

      Edit: There's an option in preferences/advanced for importing with a ColorSync profile. Turn that off and see what happens! You'll have to reimport something to see a different I would assume.

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