André Goeldi Field Notes Collection
These photographs are part of the André Goeldi field notes collection (SIA Acc. 12-045) from the Department of Botany, National Museum of Natural History. The photographs were taken by André Goeldi of specimens from his personal collection, including gramineae (grasses), cyperaceae (sedges), and other plants.

In 1920, André Goeldi sent 36 black and white photographs, including those shown in this set, to Albert Spear Hitchcock, botanist and expert on grasses at the U. S. National Herbarium (National Museum of Natural History, Department of Botany).

André Goeldi was born in Switzerland in 1872 and immigrated to Brazil around 1893 where he worked in a Swiss agricultural colony in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Goeldi collected plants in Pará, Brazil, circa 1913-1920. Biographical information on André Goeldi is sparse; he is often overshadowed by his more famous cousin Emílio A. Goeldi, who served as director and reorganizer of the Museu Paraense Emílio Goeldi.

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